Banana Kong Mod Apk Hack Unlimited (Money, Bananas)

Banana Kong Mod Apk (Free and Unlimited Bananas and Money)


Banana Kong Mod Apk
Banana Kong Mod Apk

Are you searching for an interesting game that can be played in an adventurous area like jungle, hills, and mountains? Then, you are at the right place to step into a game that lets you explore the jungle and help the gorilla eat bananas unlimitedly. (banana kong mod apk)

Therefore, this article will take you to the world of an exciting and thrilling platform where you play as a fat chubby Gorilla, using a banana peel to run fast through the jungle and escape from the landslide of banana peels. Furthermore, Banana Kong Mod Apk will kill your boredom with its funny and cute characters like mario kart mod apk.

Additionally, while playing this game, you don’t only have to collect the bananas, but also you will face many hurdles. So, keep them in mind and play this game with full attention so that you can achieve more in less time and unlock more levels.

Meta Description

Banana Kong Mod Apk lets you play an interesting game on an endless landslip platform where you help the monkey find and eat more bananas. The free version of Banana Kong lets you enjoy this game with unlimited money and unlimited bananas.


  • Game for Android Lovers

The game is in challenging mode because this game will examine your skills and capacity to play the game in a challenging environment. So, Android users can enjoy it more.

  • HD Graphics

With the High-Quality HD graphics, Banana Kong Mod Apk will catch your attention towards the game and lock you with the latest innovative platform.

  • Complex Gaming Control

Banana Kong Mod Apk has a more complicated controlling interface. Don’t worry; it will be easier for the user to play this game even if you don’t have any technical information.

  • Can Switch to Another Device

Don’t panic because the developer of the game introduces the cloud storage option, which means you can save the current stage and start from the same stage on another device.

  • Catchy Music

The player can enjoy this game along with lovely and appealing music. Therefore you cannot get bore at any stage.

  • Simple But Addictive

Banana Kong Mod Apk is very simple and enjoyable for mobile users. You will join an adorable gorilla that will take you throughout the fascinating journey in jungles, forests, ice lands, and many attractive locations from the entire world.

  • Quickly Get Familiar with the Game

The easy control system will fall in love with the game faster. Therefore you will get familiar with Banana Kong Mod Apk within no time.

  • Exciting Ways for Traveling

If you are a traveling lover, you can enjoy this more than any other normal user of this game. Banana Kong Mod Apk will take you on exciting and interesting journeys without any cost.

  • Cover the Obstacles with the Latest Traveling Mod

Gorilla will use the latest features to run faster to overcome the challenges using Toucan or getting the help of the boar.

  • Boost up Speed

Eating more bananas will help you to boost your energy and speed. Therefore, if you don’t want to let the tsunami of banana peels catch you, you have to run fast.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Banana

The Apk Mod of Banana Kong will provide you with unlimited bananas, which will help you to play this game effectively

  • Unlimited Hearts

The cheating hacks of Banana Kong will give you unlimited hearts to enjoy it more because unlimited hearts mean unlimited life.

  • Limitless Currency

Players can enjoy this game more if they score high because the highest scores will help you open the locked features. These scores are considered money, and you can use this money to utilize many interesting features.

  • Free Purchases and Free Shopping

In the Mod version of Banana Kong you will have the opportunity to get all the premium features free of cost and you can shop latest tools to run faster.

What’s More About Banana Kong Mod Apk?

The beneficial features of the game will let you indulge in the game deadly. The Android users can avail themselves of more chances to deal with the obstacles and face the challenges with the help of a full supporting platform.

Installing /Downloading Banana Kong Mod Apk

Download and enjoy the endless and adventurous game with lots of fun and excitement. Easy to open and play.

  • We are providing you a link from where you can effortlessly download the Banana Kong Mod Apk
  • When you hit on the download button, the process will take start instantly.
  • When the download completes its process, you will see the option of installing the application.
  • Click on the install button, and the game will be available for you to play.
  • Enjoy the incredible game.

Final Verdict

The game is based on the concept of getting free from the overloaded landslide of bananas peels. Furthermore, collecting more bananas and eating them will give you more energy to defeat the toughest hurdles. Moreover, the platform is modified with the latest technology and features available free of money.

In the last, we would invite you to ask any questions regarding Banana Kong Mod Apk. Feel free and ask anything if you face any issues while playing this game.


Is Banana Kong Mod Apk available for IOS devices?

Yes, the IOS users can also avail the golden opportunity to play this amazing game.

Can we play Banana Kong Mod Apk on PC?

Yes, this game is available for all types of devices like mobile, tabs, and PCs.

Are Android emulators are free or charge any money?

No, the Android software which is used to play this game is completely free.

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