Beamng Drive Apk Download For Android + OBB 2022

Do you ever want to watch live incidents like road accidents and car crashes? For sure your answer will be No. But is possible to watch and experience road accidents with the simulation-based game Beamng Drive Apk.

Beamng Drive Apk
Beamng Drive Apk

This mobile application provides the experience of live accidents. It is basically based on a soft body engine having a dummy driver inside o driving seat.

You will experience the whole scenario of watching the car driving smoothly on road and suddenly being crashed by another car.

From the crashing of the car to the distortion of the dummy each detail is well developed. You will probably enjoy each second spent in the game.

If you want to know more about the game’s rich features and modules, we have summarized the rest of its features below.


Beamng Drive Apk
Beamng Drive Apk


Although the main theme line of this game focuses more on car crash simulation than driving. Still, this game provides plenty of driving options. You can drive smoothly on road. Just like City Car Driving.

Along you can select the car speed with which you want to make your car move along the way. Increased speed will cause high-intensity crashes of cars leading to wort outcomes for the car’s condition.

You can change the car’s speed anytime. Changing the car’s speed itself and the rest of the modification features are very easy to use that even a person playing this game for the first time will use it without any difficulty.

Live Crash

After reading through the entire you are probably cleared about the main theme line of this game which is live crash. This game allows users to experience live accidents that happen on roads.

With the best graphics and simulations, this game allows users to experience real like the experience of having a car crash.

Beamng Drive Apk is more like a simulator than an ordinary mobile car racing game. It gives you a dynamic simulation experience right from your phone’s screen.

Car Options

Beamng Drive
Beamng Drive

You can select a variety of car options. You will not be bounded to only cars or from the same model you can switch from small to heavy vehicles like trucks etc.

You can select any car of your choice and play the rest of the game with it. If you ever get bored of the vehicle you have chosen you can simply quit it ad can select any other vehicle from the cart.

Modded Version

After playing its premium version you will surely get addicted to it but it may irritate you with its in-app purchases. If you want to run away from paying costs in exchange for in-app terms you can simply switch to its Modded version.

With this version, you can find many vehicles unlock that may cost you some amount if you want to play the rest of the game with them.

Along with that, you can earn double the amount of rewards that its premium version. In a nutshell, this game is a bundle of exciting features just being so compact.


As the dilemma of this game is to provide the experience of a car crashing it provides way other features that can often be seen in any other car racing game. You can experience an accurate car racing simulation having all those details that one can find over any other simulator.


The main focus of simulation-based games has been graphics for sure. The same is the case with this game where you will find out the developer’s effort in the graphics of this application.

With vibrant colors and detailed graphics this game has been adored by the users and is on the list of the top game by users who are fond of playing simulation-based racing games.


No matter which version you are installing it will turn safe and secure and privacy is one of the key features of this game adored by users.

Watch Video About Beamng Drive

Beamng Drive is one of the famous racing games but it’s not that easy to play this game and understand its feature of this game. Here is a video tutorial to understand this game completely.


Having a concise theme line Beamng Drive Apk is easy to understand and play. People having zero knowledge about this game will find out this game really easy to play as the graphics of this application complements it to understand easily by new users. Get more Simulation games like Carx highway and Project OffRoad etc.

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