Brain test 3 Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Hints) 2022

With 2 successful succeeding versions Brain test 3 Mod Apk is the best-developed application as a mind-teasing mobile application. Both of its previous versions have been downloaded by millions and that is the same case that happened with this version too. Note, here in the hack version you will get unlimited hints for free.

With updated features and new teasers, users found this application trickier than the previous one. With more than 100 levels this game has got the attention of users as each stage is unique and comes with a uniqueness that users can’t find any resemblance in the hidden clues.

Moreover, being available in offline mode has been the preference of the users as most of the mind-teasing games are only available in online mode only as they are updated simultaneously. But this game comes with updated features itself that it does not need to be updated.


Brain test 3 Mod Apk
Brain test 3 Mod Apk

Being a mind-teasing application Like Bubble Shooter, Brain Test 3 Mod Apk provides tricky puzzles every time users get into it. Each passing stage is loaded with tricks and puzzles having uniqueness from the previous one. Users who have played all of the 100 stages of this game have complimented its uniqueness.

The unique features and well animation of this game make it way more addictive. As this game is loaded with more than 100 stages and still there are some more to come that are added on each update, this shows users will be notified about the update as soon as the update will be available.


Brain test 3
Brain test 3

Tricky Teasers

Each stage of this game is loaded with tricky riddles that are way difficult to solve. These tricky riddles sometimes cause trouble to users as these are way difficult to solve. These riddles get more interesting with each passing stage.

With each passing stage, people found this game to be more difficult as they found it difficult to solve the hidden clue.


In other gameplay when you are stuck in solving any riddle, they run out of time and the game starts from the beginning. But in this version of the game user can replay the game no matter how many times he wants to. If getting stuck in solving a riddle and found helpless in finding a clue then they can use the option of replay.

More Levels

Already this game is loaded with more than 100 levels. Still, developers are working on more stages and they keep adding the stages with each new update. Every time a new update is available users is informed via notification.

If an auto-update is enabled then the game will be updated automatically. With each update, the game will automatically be updated with new stages.

Addictive Gameplay

No doubt this is the most addictive mind-teasing gameplay we have searched so far. The features it is loaded with are rare to be found in any other game.

Offline Mode

One of the most interesting features of Brain Test 3 Mod Apk is its availability in offline mode. Because most of the mind riddle games are available in online mode only which sometimes bothers users.

As everyone does not have internet access every time. So being available in offline mode is something users adore about this application.

Free Download

Its premium version is available on the google play store where users can download it free of cost.

Its Modded version is also available without any installation fee. You can directly install its premium version from the google play store.

Similarly, it does not cost you any amount over in-app purchases as this application is completely free to install and use.

Improved Animation

Also, this version of the series has the best animation and graphics features. The developer has put effort into the animation of this game and has developed the best animation for this application.

Users who have played this game have rated positively as far as the animation and graphics features are concerned.


As most people nowadays prefer to go for mind riddle games. If you are one of them then we recommend you for the installation of BrainTest 3 Mod Apk. As this application is loaded with all those needed features that one can expect from the mid-riddle.

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