Cooking Diary Mod Apk 2021 Latest Version (Unlimited Money/ Gems)

Cooking Diary Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Gems, Coins)

App Description

Cooking games are loved by all regardless of the age limit. Food lovers like to take the cooking tools in hand and get into action. Moreover, they create new and unique combinations all the time. Cooking diary mod apk chef is dedicated to what he does, he tries to do his best and also satisfy his customers like Fallout shelter mod apk.

Cooking diary apk modis such a game where you run your cooking business and customers come in all the time. You must follow the time limit and grow your restaurant further for the ever-growing number of customers.

Your grandfather always wished that you take over Tasty Hills and build a culinary business there. Initially, the restaurant is not big enough to support a huge number of customers but you are responsible to flourish the business and also develop new and tasty dishes to add to them in the diary apk.

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App Features

Build and Design Your Restaurant 

When you enter this game world you see that nothing is in place and you need to do a lot of work to start this place. Here in the cooking diary app,we provide you with all the needed options you want to set inside your new place. First, you need to make awesome dishes so that more customers come to your place and leave heavy tips. With the additional rewards, you can purchase more land and set cool furniture so that more customers fit in it. Furthermore, All designs and styles have already been unlocked in this apk for your ease.

Design with Style 

Add major and minor details to your restaurant. Moreover, style your place with additional details like stylish furniture, curtains, table cloths, and floor. Moreover, you must serve your guest customers the best dishes so that new critiques write good things for others to learn. Offline cooking games are also very famous today but they do not serve the same game experience.

No one wants to go sit in a place that is not well maintained. Keep your space tidy and fill in colorful luxurious furniture, food, and aromas, serve your customers your best inventions with style. Indeed, customers never forget if they are served with care, they also recommend that place to others and keep visiting.

Customize your Dressing Style 

You don’t need to be a boring regular chef that has to stand behind the counter all day long. Customize your style and dress as the best chef in town. Change your dress and style now and then with the free features from the game. Add some accessories or changes, hairstyle, eye color, skin tone, and more features. Cooking city cheatsare available on-demand, if you wish to upgrade your space in lesser time and spend the least amount of money you can use the menu options. Furthermore, inside the main menu of the game visit settings and make an in-app purchase for any hack you want at that moment. Always remember that any in-app purchases made with real or reward money is non-refundable.

Make your Grandfather’s Dream Come True

It is not just a food business but a dream of the late grandfather who wanted the chef to be an owner of a chain or similar restaurants. In addition, you are the only hope of your family who has left a huge food business unhandled for you to take care of. Your aim must be to construct a successful business empire and introduce food as a passion to customers. Finally, make your grandfather proud rich too.

Cooking Discord Server

It is where all people share their common interests and also their secrets to success. Here you will find some recipes too so you don’t need to waste your time and energy in creating some. It is a community of all chefs talking to each other and learning from others. Also, everyone here is sharing their experiences in building huge food businesses.

What’s New?

We present new and interesting cooking diary hacks and many events every day. We ask you to make your excellent restaurant so that critics write good words about your place.

Do create culinary masterpieces with your helping chefs and get rid of competitors. Furthermore, this entire game is filled with cunning and sneaky actions that your competitors are doing.

Here you will make foodies love your cuisine. Also, join the rest of the society or create your food fan club. In addition, compete with other players, with friends, and take part in challenges to get valuable rewards.


  • Android 4.4
  • size 1 GB


Food truck chef game cheats is a similar game where the chef needs to take the food truck from place to place and sell good quality food. However, this game contains an interesting story that starts with the blank and broken place you need to decorate. Enhance your cooking skills and impress your clients. Make sure your customers come back and with new friends. Make sure you are on time.

The Version History: Cooking Diary Game Cheats

  • Latest v1.43.1
  • Previous v1.43.0
  • Old v1.42.9
  • Older v1.42.8
  • Oldest v1.42.6


What games have wildcraft games made?

They make games for kids like learning apps, herbal adventures, cooking adventure stories, and more.

What are the most impressive updates in the game?

Own a fantastic restaurant and create a working chain of them. In Cooking Diary, you can design your restaurant as you wish. In addition, upgrade your equipment like cooking utensils, furniture, food, and more for free.

Write something about the el diamante restaurant menu?

This Las Vegas restaurant has a huge menu that consists of beef, chicken, seafood, continental food, and all other dishes from flaming hot stoves.


This fun cooking app is filled with unique and bright graphics, an interesting story, and a world of your cuisine. Here you can try creativity, develop delicious foods and tell your story to others.

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