Counter Attack Mod Apk Latest Version (Unlimited Money) 2022

Counter Attack Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Mega Menu)

App Description

This game counter-attack apk is an online shooting game app. You require a strong internet connection to play the game with other communities across the world. This game becomes even more thrilling when you play it with your friends or as a team.

Join a shooter’s club or be strong and talented enough to start one. The game is not just boring shooting-style practice but it consists of fun in-game challenges. Whenever you enter the game you face new rivals and other competitions where you can win exciting prizes such as unlimited money and coins.

This game focuses heavily on the player’s tactics and skills. If you have both of these you can easily win. But, not everyone can have excellent skills from the start. The more players practice, the more skills they will polish. You can also try Dead Trigger Mod Apk

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App Features of Counter Attack Mod Apk

Defuse Bomb

Players must choose one of the two teams, terrorist or counter-terrorist, and finish the missions before the opponent team for winning. Here you can either defuse the bomb or defeat all your opponents by finishing them individually.

Team Deathmatch

In this counter-attack multiplayer fpsthe team mode can team up with 4 different gamers and fight with the opposite team. In the end, the team with the highest slay wins the match. The fun part of this mode is multiplayer. Here, you can make a new team at each level and coordinate to win. The main aim should be to be the last man standing.

Gun Game

We provide you with a vast variety of guns to choose from. Players must fight up to 10 different shooters and their skills vary from each other. When you download the counter you enter the most basic practice level. Furthermore, from here you must decide which type of team you want to be on. Choose from guns and try our best guns with a wide range of shooting options.

Training Mode

The training mode also gives you prize money for each successful trial and attempt. Here you can develop your skills and polish your techniques. Try out and learn the use of multiple weapons. This mode is not only about trying out but also includes your special training and skill development.

Team Mission 

There is another task that is, for the terrorist team to install bombs at many locations and to be able to destroy the marked locations on the map.

As for the opponent team, the player will have to remove that bomb before it explodes and also save many lives in the process. Each team has a unique mission; it does not depend on which side the player, he must complete the task fully. Within each match, players will be divided into teams of 10 members on each team.

What’s New?

Counter Attack
Counter Attack

It was not possible to acquire thrilling weapons in the game with just hope for the best. We do not suggest that you struggle inside the game and earn money for purchasing them all. Here, you will stop doing old and boring addiction stuff and download this APK for free. In addition, et what weapons and stylish guns you want with the help of an unlimited supply of reward money and coins. Also, purchase as many hacks and cheats as you need to defeat your opponent.

Some points in the game feel as if you have been cornered and need help out of there. This is where your teammates and other strong weapons come in handy.

To get access to all the fun features of the app you should get the latest counter-attack team 3d shooter and use the coins to get your favorite gadgets. Play alone or with friends and be the last man standing to be declared as the winner.


  • Android 5.0+
  • Size 756.68 MB
  • Works best in phones and pc
  • Not suitable for IOS

Gameplay of Counter Attack Mod Apk

This fun thrill counter-attack game is like a new challenge on every new level. To be at the top you must stay fully focused on your surroundings as the opponents are asked to try every move to make you lose.

Try hiding and moving at the same time so you cannot be seen. Here staying low and hidden is a task but winners can learn this trick in no time. Also, keep a close eye on your surrounding as the opponent shooter can be around any corner.

Try to stay undercover as the more blows you get, you will heal slowly. So, stay at a distance and learn to use the right weapons. In addition, try silent shooting so others are not alert of your moves.

The Version History

  • Latest v1.2.54
  • Previous v1.2.53
  • Old v1.2.52
  • Older v1.2.43
  • Oldest v1.2.42


What makes a good counterattack?

Counter-attacks are fast and direct attacks, unlike other moves. A good start is when you take a position in your area. Use some members as defenders and others as shooters.

What is a counter-strike attack?

This move is not so simple. You are under attack when you have to plan such an attack and also defend and stay alive. For this, you must buy some cheat from settings if you are not so good at this move. Use some other object as a shield and then attack your opponent.

How do you win this game?

The rules of the game are simple as the app does not allow any cheating. When you are in the field, you might not know most of the hidden opponents you are about to face. For this, you must always face ahead of you. We suggest that playing in groups is better as someone always has your back.


We have reached the end of this informative article. We know that this game is based on shooting your rivals but it is not that simple. You are assigned new tasks and also you must fight and stay put in the game. Hurry and get your game now.

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