Covet Fashion Mod Apk 2021 Latest Version (Unlimited Cash/ Diamonds)

Covet Fashion Mod Apk

Are you searching for the best game to give you different and attractive ideas related to current fashion?  Then, stop here and don’t go anywhere else because we are introducing Covet Fashion Mod Apk same as project makeover mod apk. This game is for those obsessed with trendy dress designs and hairstyles who want to keep themselves up-to-date.


Introducing a virtual game for fashion lovers to choose whatever they want to style and dress up their avatars. You will improve your styling skills and create your outfit in a unique style using the free shopping elements in the game. Moreover, in this game, you will get the opportunity to join more than millions of fashionable personalities in the fashion industry.

Moreover, Covet Fashion Mod Apk will provide you a platform to join other fashion designers and make your name in the industry by creating new style dresses with a great look. In addition to this, we have partners like Calvin, Rachel Zoe, and Klein, who are well known for their styles vista. Consequently, you can get ideas to make the stylish outfit of your avatar and customize their look through makeup accessories and hairstyle of your choice.

Since this game is specially designed for girls, fashion is something that every girl wants to wear to look gorgeous. Interestingly, the user of Covet Fashion Mod Apk will get 1000’s glamorous clothing styles and different objects for hair styling. This game will enhance your personality because you can also customize yourself and apply those tactics in real life through the chosen avatar.

Meta Description

Fashion lovers always want everything up-to-date and want to know what is most demanding in the fashion world. So here is the game which will give you complete information about the latest fashion and help you style your avatars according to you with unlimited features.


As we mention that this game is for girls, so first of all, you have to select a female avatar. Then focus on her and enhance her beauty using different and latest fashion tactics. Especially, an avatar is the one who will represent you through your chosen styles and fashion in front of an audience and judges. If your avatar looks beautiful in front of others, more chances will be to win more awards.

Features of Covet Fashion Mod Apk

Avatar Customized Dress

The first thing that has an impact on others is your dressing sense. If you dress up trendily then you can grab the attention of others. So, in this game, you will have a vast range of dresses modified according to the latest trend. You can choose any dress to style up your avatar. There is no restriction and no requirement for money.

Choose the Best Hairstyle

After selecting a dress for your avatar, you have done something about hairstyle. In Covet Fashion Mod Apk, there are countless hairstyles displayed on the menu. Whereas, you have to choose the best one which looks beautiful on your avatar face and, of course, makes the judges fall in love with your style.

Makeup for Avatar

A girl’s fashion is incomplete without putting on makeup. So after hair styling and dressing, the next important thing is makeup.  If you want to get the unpredictable victory, you have to choose the latest makeup techniques for your avatar because, without makeup, your model will have a bad impact on the judges.

Chance to Play with Family and Friends

The game is an online game, so you can connect with your friends from your Facebook account by getting and sharing links. You have the chance to offer your family to play with you wherever you want.

Voting System

Covet fashion Mod Apk will let you choose the best and vote for them. You can vote whatever you like for you. Your vote may help someone to win the prize. Similarly, the other people who have joined this game can vote for your fashion and style.

Mod Features of Covet Fashion

Unlimited Diamonds

We have modified the original Covet Fashion into coveting fashion mod Apk so that you can enjoy styling up your avatar with unlimited sources and elements. In the revised version, we provide you unlimited diamonds that you can avail of after completing the levels. Furthermore, you can use those diamonds to purchase makeup accessories, dresses from different dress designers, and more.

Graphics Improvement

The modified version of Covet Fashion has improved the graphical representation of everything. You will get the 3D effect in every look you have a style for the avatar.

Unlock all Levels

The next level automatically gets unlocked when the users complete the first level and get rewards. You can have fun and enjoy yourself more at the next level.

Unlock Premium Features

After paying some money, the features you get in the purchased application will get them free of cost over here.

No Ads

Covet Fashion Mod Apk is advertisement-free, unlike the premium version.

Unlimited Cash/Money

Mostly, everyone wants an app that is not costly or even more freely available. So, here we are, providing you a completely free game with unlimited money and cash. You can use that cash for buying and unlock the additional features.

How to Download and Install?

If you are new and don’t know how to install and download Covet Fashion Mod Apk, then welcome to our platform, where we will guide you to install this amazing app.

Click the download button refer to you through our article.

Click the button yes, which appears on the screen.

Wait until your file gets downloaded.

For Installing

Initially remove the old version from your device.

Get into the folder where you download the file from our article, click on the file will show the installation options.

The installation step may require some permission from you, allow them, and let get it started.

Later on, when the installation completed then congratulations your game is waiting for you to play it.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can we play to style up our avatars offline through Covet Fashion Mod Apk?

A stable internet connection is required for playing this game effectively.

Can I change the look which I made for my avatar?

No, you cannot change the look of your avatar once it is created.

Can I get advice from others to style up my avatar?

Yes, there are many fashion developers from where you can get advice to style up your avatar.


In conclusion, we will recommend you to try this amazing fashion vista application. This game will take you into the world of amazingly designed dresses and new techniques for applying makeup. Furthermore, the steps which you choose for styling the avatar can be applicable in your real life.

Lastly, if you perform well in developing new fashion, people will fall in love with your style and vote for you to get more rewards and prizes. Hence, Covet Fashion Mod Apk is a truly organized and well-designed game to create a new trendy and modern world.

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