Dead Rain 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems and Stars) 2022

So how would you feel when one day you wake up and every person is turned into a mysterious creature or in simple words, a zombie? If you like these types of fictional things then the Dead Rain 2 Mod Apk is going to be the best game that you could play.

Dead Rain 2 Mod Apk
Dead Rain 2 Mod Apk

So suddenly in the world everyone starts getting ill and their bodies are contaminated with a virus. It seems like some evil person has mixed the rain with that virus. Everyone turns into a zombie and a mysterious plant grows into their bodies due to that virus.

But along with you some people are immune to that virus and only a couple of people are safe from it. Now, this thing makes it difficult for you to survive as each zombie is out there to kill any healthy human being.

Now your character is on a mission to find his lost wife and go out into the world full of these dangerous creatures. Although these walking dead people are zombies they have sheer strength and speed so you need some powerful weapons to kill them and cut them into pieces. Find their weakness in the Dead Rain 2 Mod Apk and kill them accordingly.


Dead Rain 2 Mod Apk
Dead Rain 2 Mod Apk

The Dead Rain 2 Mod Apk features a 2D gameplay. Here the map is divided into many levels. Each has a lot of different zombies waiting to attack you like Plant VS Zombies Heroes. There are plenty of weapons that you can use. You can pick these weapons either from the map or can buy them in the game store.

Controls of the game are very simple as the game is only a 2D game so you only have to touch the buttons to move, jump, or do any attack. You will find each button for a separate action separately.


Dead Rain 2
Dead Rain 2

The features of the Dead Rain 2 Mod Apk are given below.

Task-Based Gameplay

The gameplay of Dead Rain 2 is task-based. Meaning you have to do the tasks as you play. These tasks are divided into many missions and levels and each one rewards you differently.

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Fight The Zombies

These zombies are different types of zombies. They have a plant that has grown into their bodies. So they are very strong and very fast. So to survive and complete the ultimate mission of rescuing your wife you have to stay alive and kill these creatures with your weapons.

Use The Weapons

The game features a lot of different weapons that you will need to kill the zombies. These weapons include SMGs, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, rifles, guns, knives, swords, and many other weapons that you can either collect from the map or buy from the store. More weapons than the State of Survival.

Different Moves

You can do different moves in this 2D game. Doing these stunts is not very difficult as all of the action buttons are listed on the screen. You just have to click them and the character will perform that action.

Fight Zombie Bosses

On each level, there are some minor zombies and some powerful ones. Both of them are easy to kill but at the end of each level, you will face a boss of all of these zombies. They are very hard to defeat on the first try. So level up your skills to beat them quickly.

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So whether you like fantasy things or not, this game is going to be your number 1. After downloading the Dead Rain 2 Mod Apk, you will be amazed to see the vivid graphics and the awesome gameplay of this game. So download the game now and enjoy killing some zombies.

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