DMCA Policy

DMCA Policy

All the content, including downloadable links and information regarding APKs one Cover Apk is public property under the trademark of their original developers and the company. All of the content on over website is posted according to the rules and regulations under the U.S. Copyrights Act (U.S. Code, Title 17) and the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

Notice of Copyright Infringement

Cover Apk falls under the compliance of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and 17 U.S.C. §512. Therefore, we have strict policies to respond to any false and misleading information and notices. The action against such counterfeit will be according to the term provided by DMCA and any other applicable intellectual laws.

All copyrighted material on over website is directly linked to over research through the internet, and we always mention the original copyright to their rightful owner. If someone wants to get it removed, they must put forth a written request according to the following section:

  • electronic signature or any other Authorization of the owner or from their behalf with evidence of the infringed material.
  • If the third party is contacting for the infringement, they must have an official letter of Authorization by the valid owner. Otherwise, the request will not proceed.
  • The party must provide identification of the infringed material too.
  • The complaining party must provide information like their name, address, active contact number and electronic mail ID for further contact.
  • If the infringement issue is on multiple location or multiple times over the website, then the party must mention the proper location of it for us to identify it.

If the allegations of infringement are not accurate, then the party must face the penalty according to Section 512(f) of the DCMA act. If the third party leads to misinterpretation, then they will face the sentence too. The party will always stand liable for the damages to the website in the infringement process if caught as a felony. The damages will include the cost of attorney as well.

Please allow us a maximum of seven business days to respond to your email.

How Could The Infringement Issue Be Resolved?

All material will be either removed or replaced with the original application provided by the rightful owner of the content.

The link of the download can be replaced by the directed link to official Application stores like App store, Play store, Amazon store and many other websites.

Suppose the owner wants to delete all information and ink to their copyrighted material. In that case, they have to confirm their rights by emailing us an application hosted on the website. The steps can be followed for the specific purpose:

  • Write an email to the Website’s Administration with an official letter of copyright under the owner or the company.
  • Provide the scanned document of copyright or ownership to confirm that the rightful owner holds the application easily.
  • Contact us through over “Contact Us” page for further assistance.