Dragon Raja Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems) 2022

Games following the storyline have always been the first choice of the players. Dragon Raja Mod Apk is a 3D animated game following the storyline. Note here you will get unlimited money and gems free.

In this game, you will come across characters like Dragon Lord and the Hybrids. The more you will dig into the game more you will; come to know about features and the powerful characters.

This stunning game has got more than 4.5 stars ratings from the users. You will also surely get addicted to this stunning gameplay.


Dragon Raja Mod Apk
Dragon Raja Mod Apk

Stunning Graphics

This game has the best graphics you can ever find over any other adventure game. With live animations to the vibrant colors, this game is surely the best choice for users so far.

The developers of this game have worked a lot on the graphics of the game along with the storyline and the character.

The color gradients used in the game are so soothing that they do not irritate the eyes of the players

Line Animations

With live animations, this game has got positive reviews from the side of the layer. They really adore the feature of the live animation. This feature makes this game so lively.

New Stories

Every time you will replay the game you will come across a new following story. Each story has its unique characters and themes.

By switching stories you will feel like playing the game for the first time. You can switch to a new story even during the gameplay.

If you get tired of the same story of the game you can switch back to another story mode at once from the settings.

New Challenges

Dragon Raja Mod Apk is loaded with new challenges. Every time you get into the game you will face new challenges that will make you enjoy the game.

With unique and new challenges every time you can feel like playing the game for the first time. With switching challenges characters and their costumes along with the themes will be changed.

Character Customization

Dragon Raja
Dragon Raja

With customizing feature you can change the costume of every character. Creating a new character and changing its costume is one of its best features.

You can switch to retro, classic, or any other style of character. You can change the character’s costume as per their responsibilities in the game.

Device Compatibility

This game shows its compatibility with almost every android device with only the requirement of the android operating system with 5.0 and above version.

Devices having this android version supported with 2 GB of showing no glitch issue. Almost every Android device nowadays comes with more than 2 GB of Ram so as per our precision everyone will be able to install this application over their phones.

In-App Purchases

The Premium version of Dragon Rag costs you some amount over the use of the features and the unlocking of the stages. But its Modded version is providing you the pace of using free features and unlocking the stages.

You can jump into any stage without being worried about the accomplishment of the previous stages. Similarly, you can get and use any in-app item without paying for that. Besides both, the versions of this game is available free of cost you can install them anytime.


Dragon Raja
Dragon Raja

The game is following up a story with two main characters of Dragon Lord and the Hybrids. Dragon Lord was once thrown away by the humans with superpowers known as the Hybrids.

Now the Dragon Lord has returned to take the revenge on the Hybrids. This combat has turned into story mode with many interesting graphics and characters. Its gameplay is much similar to Epic Seven and Kings Raid, etc.

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Dragon Raja Mod Apk is one of the best fighting and animated game that you can ever find over the internet. This game is really supported by the best storyline.

Its robust characters and superpowers make this game worth playing. Its reviews by the users show how pretty awesome its story and the gestures are. Even newbies can play this game with much o ease without getting involved in many hassles.

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