Dungeon Hunter 5 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gems, Money) 2022

This app is the latest version in the series of dungeon hunter 5 mod apk games. This game is most famous for its unique graphics and the beautiful storyline of the game. Dungeon Hunter 5 mod happens where the peace of the world has been long lost. The kingdom we live in is Valenthia. The evil continuously threatens to take over the remaining part where peace is still alive.

The player must be a true warrior and fight for the freedom of the kingdom. You must explore 5 lands filled with horror and danger and collect gems. Moreover, the game is a role-playing game where you are the hero and the true warrior. People are looking at you to come to save them from the invasion of the evil. You can also try Hustle Castle Mod Apk

Info Table

  • Click the download button and start the process
  • The file will download in the external storage of the device
  • Run and install the app and wait for some time
  • Once the installation process completes, register and have fun

App Features

Dungeon Hunter 5 Mod Apk
Dungeon Hunter 5 Mod Apk

Legendary Powers

We have over 900 pieces of powerful weapons in the game for you to use and win. This RPG is filled with heroes. Furthermore, e a part of this hard battle and destruct hundreds of enemies. Also, unlock multiple spells and other fighting strategies and abilities. In the battle, you must practice equipping your best weapons, armor, magic and magical spells.

Fight along with Friends Online

This game works in both single and multiplayer modes. In addition, up to 3 player heroes can fight side-by-side. You can ask other players or friends to come to help you in the game so you can become a slayer at this game and clear the land from evil. There are many legendary fights in the game that will make you reach levels like no other.

Build, Defend and Attack

In this dungeon hunter 5 unlimited gems, you can build and upgrade your battle stations. Also, you can construct and protect over 230 Minions and 60 Trap Rooms and stop any rogue hunters who dare to attack or invade your land. The game is also allowing you to create powerful defenders. In such challenges, you have to defeat all other players and heroes so you can gain freedom for your land.

There is so Much More to Discover

Dungeon Hunter 5 apk offers a new dungeon quest for heroes every day. These dungeons allow you to find rare materials. Also, weekly events and legendary hunts offer you the opportunity to make powerful equipment. Become a bounty hunter by being the best dungeon boss. Unlock all gear and also enjoy multiple unexpected twists in this adventure world. As a result, the game is giving away unique rewards for your success.

Become a Legend

As you complete these challenges, you climb the leader boards and everyone recognizes you as a true warrior. You will also earn mighty rewards like coins, money, gems, and weapons along the way as well. Use these rewards to reach new levels and unlock hacks in the game too.

Note: dragon hunter 5 is also a game of the same genre for game lovers.

What’s New?

New skills have been unlocked in this APK where you have to participate in 90 unique missions and defeat monsters, dark knights, devil minions, and underworld enemies. Moreover, there are many new spells in the game with the help of those you can make new magic potions that work quickly. In addition, you have very simple game controls; customize the size, position, transparency, and sensitivity of your game controls.

Amazing graphics in the game are for heroes and other allies in battles. Also, the battle arenas and grounds are designed very systematically. So get your devices ready to explore the newly created environment in the game. In dungeon hunter 5 offline players discover epic graphical places in this cool game, fight enemies and play with friends.


  • Android 4.1+
  • Size 50 MB
  • Pc game is also supported
  • Not recommended for IOS


We all know the popular dungeon hunter 5 hack apk. There is a rise of darkness in the game, and you must protect the world from rising of such evil. Furthermore, your people are much afraid of bandits, monsters, and other terrors rising all the time. Here you are on a mission to finish all evil. In addition, you will get a lot of rewards and prizes for winning against them and purchasing more powerful weapons.

The Version History: Dungeon Hunter

  • Latest v6.0.0i
  • Previous v5.9.1c
  • Old v5.9.0h
  • Older v5.8.0f
  • Oldest v5.7.1f


What is the dungeon hunter 5 hack?

To purchase the hack you can visit the menu of the game. Here, go to the settings section and look for the hack you want to use. Make sure that you need this particular one as the purchase cannot be returned.

How can we get dungeon hunter 1?

This is the previous version of the same game. You can visit the Google play store and get the game for free.

What is the process of dungeon hunter 5 apk download?

To get the free APK and MOD game go to the information section on this page and follow the downloading process steps to get the safe version of this app.


This article is about the fun game of hunters who are trying to protect their land from the dark and evil. Moreover, there are about 900 levels to fight and protect your land and honor. Your people are afraid of these dark powers and you are their only hope. Fight with might to get an unlimited supply of coins and gems as rewards. You will need these to get more power and keep on fighting until you are the last man standing. This game works in both single and multiplayer modes. In addition, up to 3 player heroes can fight side-by-side.

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