Empire Warrior TD Mod Apk 2021 Latest Unlimited Money, Unlock All/ VIP

Empire Warrior TD Mod Apk- Tower Defense TD Game

Brief Description

Empire Warrior TD Mod Apk, do you want a game that is a combination of both role-playing and strategy-oriented? Then welcome to our site because here, we will take you in the world of Tower defence and the real-time strategy game genre.

Furthermore, you will know about the land of exciting adventures where you will contact the legendry creatures. This role-playing game has dangerous monsters, evils, people, and many other creations with which you have to fight and defend your castle.

In addition, the primary mission of a player is to protect royalty and keep peace in the kingdom.

Detail About Empire Warrior TD

In Empire Warrior TD, a player plays a role of a hero to protect the home city from the enemies using their wise skills and intelligence. You are leading the other people as a leader and give them protected safety against the attackers.

Moreover, you have the chance to join millions of other players worldwide and get praises and victory by winning the wars.

Additionally, the developer of the game ZITGA brings you an awesome battle game that is available for everyone.

Further, its rating increases day by day, and the main reason behind its rating is the unlimited gems, crystals, coins, and star qualities same as Mafia city mods.

In particular, the game takes place in many sloping lands like jungles, where different dwarfs hide under the dangerous areas and make their kingdom.

Also, the player has to create a strong army carrying weapons and magical abilities to defeat the opponent party.


The game’s setup is designed in a magical land where different creatures live together and make a kingdom.

Also, the creatures include humans, hilarious monsters, fictitious animals that are unusual.

Afterwards, the battle started at once when the ally of the kingdom attacked the empire. The surprising thing for the game players is that the war took place between two close countries and is dangerous.

Indeed, Prince Jave plays an essential role in protecting the country and saving it from the rival’s attacks.

Therefore, when prince Jave remembers the threat warning, they need help from the legendary mastermind to defeat the enemies.

Lastly, your main aim is to help the prince and fight against the strong party. You can use your unique skills and supermind to win the fight.


Battle TD

This game is beautiful and antic because you have to defend the Epic Tower.

Offline Mode

Unlike other games, Empire Warriors TD Mod Apk is also available when not connected to the internet.

Graphic Quality

Empire Warrior TD is more attractive than other strategical games with the highest graphical images.

Achieve a Great Victory

All the powers are in your hand; you have to recognize them and learn them to utilize them in an appropriate situation.

Maps and Location

There will be many enchanting and challenging lands waiting for you so, be strong enough to fight at every level.

Eleven Heroes

The game Empire Warrior TD will introduce eleven ever strongest heroes so you can choose any of them and make them a leader to win the battle.

Different Types of Defence Towers

There will be almost four types of defence towers available for players with diverse and influential up-gradation.

Complicated Tournaments

Each game level comprises complex and challenging matches, so you have to be the most powerful hero to achieve victory.

What’s New?

  • Growth Up packages.
  • Fix Offerwall.
  • Optimizing and balancing the game.
  • They are fixing the minor bugs.

Mod Feature

Unlimited Gems

There will be unlimited gems and diamonds that a player can use to purchase weapons to use in the battle.

Limitless Crystals

Crystals are also available for you, and they are free of cost, and you can use them to upgrade the levels.

Infinite Coins

Coins were considered an expensive currency in ancient periods. So, in this game, you will get unlimited coins to buy many products and equipment.

Empire Warriors TD Premium MOD APK

The Mod Apk version fulfils your all demands regarding this game, but the premium package will satisfy you with more benefits that are far lesser than the original version.

In addition to this, You will get more than 1500 gems, 300 crystals and 50 VIP coins, and much more.

Guidance For The Beginners

In Empire Warriors TD mod, you will get guidance related to the uses of gems and crystals at every level to get success.

Furthermore, you will get the guideline related to every rune in the game.

Download Empire Warrior TD Mod Apk

A player can download this fantastic battle game from our website without having any issues. This game is registration-free.

How to Install Empire Warrior TD Mod Apk?

  • Follow the first step where you have to download Empire Warrior TD Mod Apk from our link.
  • Install it without having an internet connection; yes, you hear it right once you download the file. You can get access to the installation process without having internet.
  • Completely install the file and enjoy the game with unlimited resources.


What is Mod Apk in Empire Warrior TD?

When the third person modifies a game and presents a new but free-of-cost version, that would be known as Mod Apk, so here from this article, you will learn about the Mod Apk version of Empire Warrior TD.

Can I get the safe version of Empire Warrior Mod Apk?

Yes, from our article, you will get a virus-free version for your devices.

How to get permission to download this free application?

From your device settings, click on the Enable Source so that you can get the accessible version of Empire Warrior Mod Apk.


Empire Warriors TD Premium is gameplay with lots of specifications. You will get HD visual effects and a bright musical background, boosting your fight against the enemies. Don’t ever miss the chance to get the most wanted game in online gaming field.

Furthermore, you will get more chances to prove yourself in the challenging environment created by the enemies. You can also play with your friends if you want to create a powerful and defensive army.

Finally, we hope that you will get to know everything about the game from our article. We are here to offer all the elements you need to know about this fascinating game.

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