Extra Lives Mod Apk (Unlimited Health And Ammo) 2022

Many of us had played Zombies rushed games over the PCs. But when it comes to Extra Lives Mod Apk there are many more things to discuss. Note here you will get unlimited Health And Ammo For free.

This game is no doubt about thrill where the heroes are stuck with zombies’ oriented city. Their main purpose of them will be the escape and survival out of blood shedding the city. This game is interesting for users who found Zombies games interested and funny.

Because among millions of other games that are available on the google play store the idea of zombie games sounds funny. The heroes will be stuck among millions of brainless and heartless zombies that will be desperately looking for any human to who they can hunt.

This game sounds really interesting as far as its main theme is concerned along with that the gestures and the icons that can be used to control the characters. Moreover, the story mod makes this game worthy and more interesting if you are looking for something excited.


Extra Lives Mod Apk
Extra Lives Mod Apk

Extra Lives Mod Apk starts will the story mode where a car being driven by the main hero and his friends are shown. Once they accidentally get stuck in the city which they found very isolated. After searching through the city they come to know that they are being chased and being watched by a bunch of zombies.

In the city, there is also nothing but just dead bodies and blood. Once after realization, your duty will start where you will have to make your escape from that terrifying city.

This city is so terrified that even if you try to escape via car you may get stuck over the obstacles. You will be surrounded by the Zombies, shoot them and make sure about your survival.

Once after being hit by a zombie or even getting scratched by the zombie your health life will surely decrease. Be cautious while getting over the Zombies.


Extra Lives
Extra Lives


As mentioned one of the brilliant features of this game is its gestures that how the character are being controlled via simple icons. If you want to make them move you can simply tap over the move icon. Similarly, shooting over the zombies is controlled via blue and red icons which make the character start shooting at zombies slowly or even with intensity.

Health Progress

One of the amazing features is the health progress of the character. If the main character is get hit by the zombie you can watch its health progress. If your health progress is decreasing you have to be more conscious while shooting and moving through the city.


You can heal the health of your character in different ways. If you are entering into the red zone of health then you can unlock and buy in-app purchases that in return will increase your health progress.

Clock and Pause

Every time you will get into the mission, a pre-default timer will be started over. This timer will be ended once the allotted time will complete and the task will ultimately be disqualified. But what if you do not like the location you are completing the task?

Simply, you can tap over the pause icon this pause icon will make the mission pause, thus paused mission will not make any difference over the progress in the game. You can simply switch to any other task where the timer will be started from the beginning.

Different Location

Do not think that the killing of zombies will be concise to a single location. But instead, there will be many locations added up in the library that can be used anytime users want to. You can choose the location of your interest and start the gameplay.


No doubt Extra Lives Mod Apk is the answer for all users who were desperately in need of a game that gives them thrill and excitement at the same time. This game will never let the user down when it comes to its rich features and the bundle of excitement.

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