Family Island Mod Apk (Unlimited Rubies And Energy) 2022

If you are looking for an adventure and puzzle game at the same time then Family Island Mod Apk is for you. This is a multi-module game that provides you with tons of features. It is no doubt an adventure game but it does provide a lot of other features like puzzle games and mini-games. Here you will get unlimited Rubies and Energy for free.

Besides enjoying this game you will find lots of other features in a single application. From wandering in a boat to solving a puzzle this game comes in a variety of modules.

You as the sole person and caretaker of your family will have to survive and then look up to other survival opportunities. Explore through abundant land and make it your habitat, make this land livable for you and your family. You will have to start a life there from scratch.


Family Island Mod Apk
Family Island Mod Apk

Story Adventures

The game follows the story mode where you will be abundant over an island due to some incidents. This incident will take away all of your belongings and you will be asked to start the life from scratch.

Without the necessity of life, it will be tough to start life again but you have to manage within available resources.

Puzzle Adventure

This game is supported with the puzzles mini-games too like Fun Run 3. If you ever get bored of playing a game in normal mode you can switch to puzzle-solving very quickly just with a single tap.

By doing so you will come across with puzzle-solving interface where you will be asked to solve different puzzles. On solving each puzzle you will be awarded along with it you be awarded belonging of life.


You can help the drowning characters if you want to expand your family. If you help them they will be added to your family. By expansion of the family, you will be assisted in many ways.

Larger the family you have, they will in return help you in daily core like harvesting, cultivation, exploring the rest of the island, etc.


Learn all tactics and tricks that can be helpful in your survival. Your survival will also be essential for the sake of your family. As you will be the guardian of your family and only caretaker.

So you will have the burden of your family over your shoulder. All you need to do is to make sure that you basically know all the surviving skills along with your family.


Family Island
Family Island

Explore the abundant island if you want to expand your territory. Every field that you will cultivate and build over will be included in your territory.


You can raise your cattle and can do farming in your fields. These farms help earn the revenue from your cattle.


In Family Island Mod Apk for your survival, you will have to cook for yourself and your family the same way as you do in Cooking Madness. First of all, you have to look up edible food. After that, you have to cook for your family and for yourself.


Upgrade your character with a costume and other gadgets that can be used in sowing, harvesting, etc. Upgrade through the library of the game. You can upgrade easily by tapping over the tool and gadget or costume you want to upgrade in.


Harvest in your field, to get revenue. You can make your cattle graze through your fields and later after ripping off the crop you can harvest through it. Through harvesting, you can earn more rewards that can be in return for others’ lives essential.

Modded Features

Some of the main Modded highlights are mentioned below

  • No Ads
  • Unlocked Items
  • Ni in-app purchases
  • Secure
  • Compact

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Family Island Mod Apk provides bundles of features that will always be much excited to play. Also, its Modded version provides some more and best features that are missing in the premium one.

You need to try out this application once if you want to go for the Modded version of this application we have provided a Modded version installation link also.

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