Farm Land Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money) 2022

Have you ever played any 3D game having sticks man as the characters? Farm Land Mod Apk is a farming game having stick men as its main characters. Here you will get unlimited money for free.

Nowadays games with 3D modeling of stick men are top trending so developers came up with the idea of developing a farming mobile application but with the difference of changing characters.

As the name suggests it is a farming application where you will be allotted the farms where you will be harvesting, sowing seeds, and making your cattle graze through the farms. Just like Family Island.

You will make your character look after the fields and farms that you will be growing. These characters will look after the grown fields. They will sow seeds and will harvest ripe crops.

They will also make the cattle graze through the fields in return you will earn profit in terms of dairy products.


Farm Land Mod Apk
Farm Land Mod Apk

This application provides lots of rich features. For your ease, we have summarized a few of the top features that you will find over here.

Unique Character

As discussed earlier this game is supported by a unique and top-trending sticky man. They look super adorable and mesmerizing because of their radiant color graphics. This game has much similar character to Stumble Guys.

These characters will grow as per your field’s area. With more territory you will harvest more stick men will be added to your game.

Each man will be different from others having different colors and structures. Each will be allotted with unique and different jobs.


Farm Land
Farm Land

As the main theme of the game revolves around farming. You will be allotted some land and a tractor at the start of the game you will be asked to harvest the crop.

With more rewards you will earn in the end you will be allotted more territory to expand your area. In more areas, you will be allotted more rewards will be earned. I

Keep Cattle

You can keep cattle too. By keeping the cattle you can earn more rewards in exchange for the dairy products.

Because cattle you will be keeping will grow on the leftover crop and in return, you will get dairy products. You can sell those dairy products.

By selling that product you will earn coins and the rewards which later be used to buy gadgets and other in-app items.

Linked Tasks

With each new task, you will see some previous tasks. So until and unless you will accomplish the task you won’t be allowed to jump into the next one.

In-app Items

Keep one thing in mind although this Farm Land Mod Apk is free of cost to install and use, you will charge over some in-app purchases. These in-app purchases can vary from the tools and gadgets and unlocking a few features.

Also to unlock the next stages you have to pay some negotiable amount. You will never be bound to buy in-app items if you want to continue playing. This is completely optional.

Modded Features

If you want to use all those features that are prohibited to use in the premium one then you need to go for the Modded version. Because you will find lots of features unlocked and available for use that is hard to find out in the premium version.

Here we have summarized a list of those features that you will find only in the Modded version.

  • Unlocked stages
  • No in-app purchases
  • Secure
  • More Rewards
  • Extra Time allotted
  • Free Installation
  • Updated

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Farm Land Mod Apk is the best application for those users who are fed up with playing games with the same graphics details. This application provides a variety of bundles along with the best graphics.

With more than 10 M downloads it is clear how well designed this application is. People have found this application trustworthy and reliable so they have rated this application 4.2 stars out of 5. Having such high statistics in ratings in this competitive time says a lot about the features of the application itself.

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