Fishing Diary Mod Apk Free Download (Unlimited Money)

We all know that some people have a craze for fishing. People in the past loved fishing. Nowadays it seems impossible for one to go physically to off locations for fishing. But this is not a big deal in the virtual world. Games like Fishing Diary Mod Apk provide pace to the people who love fishing right from their phone’s screen.

This game allows one to get joy from fishing right by sitting on the couch. From fishing rods to the fishes swimming in the pool every detail has been well developed.

One cannot resist the powerful animation that they can find over this. This simple yet feasible game does not ask for any high-end android specifications.

People having android phones have operating systems with version 4.3 that are compatible. More than that with the compact size of only 1.6 MB this game does not puts much burden on the storage of the phone.

Make your virtual trip interesting yet more memorable with fishing and keeping a record of fishing on daily basis.


Fishing Diary Mod Apk
Fishing Diary Mod Apk

Fishing Rods

There will be multiple ways of catching a fish. You can go in any way as per your choice. If you love to use a fishing rod, you will find out many high-quality rods which you can select at any time.

Even once you have started the gameplay and are not comfortable with the quality of the rod you can switch to another one right. From the cart.

Fishing Bomb

Using a rod for fishing is going to take a lot of time yet it will let you catch a few fish in the end. If you in a hustle and want to end up with lots of fish at the end you should go for the option of using bombs in the water. Blasting a bomb will lead you to have a massive amount of fish at the end.

Electric shock

Fishing Diary
Fishing Diary

Although it sounds weird it is a practical way to catch fish with an electric shock. People prefer this method over rods and bombs.

Supplying electric shock to fish through the water can lead you to have a massive amount of dead fish floating on the surface of the water which can later be caught easily

In short, there are ways to catch up the fish, in the end, this is completely up to you how you prefer and which method seems feasible to you fishing.

Keep Diary

Write daily fishing records in the diary. By doing so you will monitor your progress yourself and this diary will let you win the game and increase your progress.,

Every day you will be assigned the task of fishing through the diary you will have to accomplish the tasks.


Every time you will end up catching fish you will be awarded rewards. The more you catch more you earn. This earned reward can be redeemed in another form like purchasing items and gifts.

As mentioned you can switch to another fishing rod whenever you want to. This can be done by selecting any item or gadget you want to switch to from the cart.

Rewards you earned can redeem gadgets of fishing like rods, bombs, baskets, etc. You can select any gadget you want to use from the cart directly.

Fishes Haul

The more you spend time Fishing Diary Mod Apk more you get to learn about the timings of the fish haul. Once in a while fishes swim in school and haul you can use this golden opportunity to catch more fish. Because catching fish in haul can lead you to have more fish at the end.

You will get to know about the exact timings of the fishing haul once you will be spend a pretty good time in this game. Because haul movement will be same every time on daily basis.

Watch Video To Learn How To Play


Fishing Diary
Fishing Diary

As far as our verdict is considered this game is quite easy yet interesting to play. People who love to fish yet can’t find spare time to go fishing can choose Fishing Diary Mod Apk as their first choice for virtual fishing.

This game provides a completely new pace of virtual fishing and many of us have heard about this concept for the first time though.

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