Global City Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money) 2022

Have you ever thought of building your own city and becoming the tycoon of your built city? Global City Mod Apk is about building your city from the scratch and doing development in your city for the prosperity of your country and their countrymen.

This interesting game will let you build the city from a very basic step and do hard work for the happiness of the country. Doing development will require a lot of your time and hard work. It will need much of your skills so that you can make yourself the best tycoon in the end.

You can build buildings, constructs road, and can do many other establishment projects for prosperity and development.


Global City Mod Apk
Global City Mod Apk

Produce Resources

The very first step in the game will be to produce the resources for mankind. Without resources, no matter what resources they are that is food resources or any other materialistic resource will put a great impact on the prosperity of the people.

You will have to put your effort towards the production of the resources. Playing with the strategy will lead you toward the production of more and more resources and making your countrymen happy.

Setup Production

Global City
Global City

You can set up the production plants for various products. First, produce the resources then make the end products from the production plants.

These production plants will give you the high-end products the end that you can use in your city and If you find the excess of it you can go for the export option as well.

Transport Tycoon

Global City
Global City

Transport the resources and the goods across the cities through your won transports. These transports will be your own property which you can use for the import-export of the things.

If you have produced plenty of resources you can export those raw resources in the exchange for the things that are the need by your countrymen.

Modern Airport

Besides the transportation of the goods, you can build up the airport for the movements of the people across the world. Just like Super City.

Building the airport will start from the very basic point where you first have to build up the building and the tracks for the airplane than go for the purchasing of the best quality airplane.

Railway Tracks

Along with international travel, you can work for the local transportation system where you can build up the railway tracks.

Making the local transport of high end will increase the trust of the locals of your city and they will prefer to travel through the railway lines.

Explore Space

Besides working on the local development you can set up space plants for the exploration of space. By doing so you can not only make your city become the prosperous one but you can also build up the trust of the outside world in your city.

If this happens tycoons of the outside world will start investing in your city which will lead to the prosperity of your city.

In-App purchases

Although this Global City Mod Apk is available on the internet free of cost still it may cost you some amount over the in-app purchases. Although this amount is quite negotiable if you will want to get rid of these in-app purchases you can go for the Modded version of this application.

In the Modded version, you will find many items free of cost that may charge you some amount over in the premium version.

Similarly, there are many other features that are restricted in the premium version but you can find those features free of cost in the Modded version.

Watch Video About Global City

A global city is not an easy game to play. Thus it requires a video tutorial to learn it. Give a try to this video to become an expert on this game.


After reading about all the features you are clearly sure how well features this application has. If you are fond of playing development games you are highly recommended to install this application once.

Once you will try and test Global City Mod Apk out you will become addicted to the story and the graphics of this application very soon.

If you are looking for the Modded version link we have provided you the authentic link of installation that will start the downloading without the involvement of third-party applications and ads.

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