Hero Factory Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems)

Playing against monsters with a pre-developed superhero has been the trend in all android applications. What if we tell you about Hero Factory Mod Apk, which is all about the creation of the hero from the scratch?

You can simply create not only ab single but dozen of heroes as per the need of your battlefield. These superheroes will have their unique power strikes and their own ability to do war on the battlefield. Each of the heroes you will create will fight against the mighty monsters.

The main theme of this gameplay is about owning a factory that has all those powerful machinery that let you create your heroes. Unlike Plants Vs Zombies Heroes. These heroes will be capable of doing combat against mighty monsters. More keenly you will make them more powerful they will be considered and for sure you will be the winner at the end.


Hero Factory Mod Apk
Hero Factory Mod Apk

This easy-to-play idle RPG game provides the incomparable pleasure of creating your heroes and making them powerful so they can be capable of doing combat against the mighty monsters.

These customized heroes will let you fight against the mighty monster and in return, you will win extra gold. This gold can be used in return for factory gadgets. Along with that, you can customize each hero individually. From skin color to the costume they will be wearing on the battlefield everything can be customized as per your desire.

You can directly dispatch the heroes from the factory to the battleground to assist their companions who might be having a tough time facing the mighty beasts. Hero factory Mod Apk provides lots of fun and excitement under one platform you can enjoy the fun of creating the heroes and can enjoy battlefield thrill at the same time.


Hero Factory
Hero Factory

Hero Factory As mentioned from the very first task you will be wing a hero factory that will be intended to make mighty heroes in bulks. These heroes will be identical in structure and power as their main and sole purpose will be to put down the mighty monsters on the battlefield.

Manage Heroes

You can manage the created heroes by directing them into the battlefield directly from the factory or can save them for later need. Their management will depend upon the need and the scenario you will be facing in the field.

Earn Gold

You can earn gold by killing the mighty monsters. These gold can be used in return for the in-app purchases and in the purchase of different items that can be used in the factory for the production of robust heroes.

Exciting Adventure

Every time you will get into a new task you will be allotted the exciting adventure of killing the monsters. This exciting adventure can vary as per the monster you will be facing.

If the monster you are doing battle with is extra vigorous then you need to make more and more heroes that will support you in the field.

Enchant Weapons

You can also make enchanted weapons for the heroes and can make them use those powerful weapons on the battlefields. These weapons have their worth when it comes to the battlefield. Without weapons, no one can even think of surviving in the battleground.

Epic Skills

Make your heroes practice and enhance their skills if they want to last and stay on the battlefield for long. More practice more efficiently they will be using their skills more chances of winning will be.


As far as the graphics are concerned there is so much to talk about its graphics. With live animation support and the color scheme, this game is surely worth playing and users who love playing games supported by the vibrant colors need to try out this application.


This is the most unique game we have searched for so far. If you are fond of playing unique games based on the unique idea then we highly recommend you to play this game. You will surely get addicted to the features and the graphics of Hero Factory Mod Apk.

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