Highrise Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money, Gold) 2022

The Highrise Mod Apk is a virtual social network like a meta-verse where you have the freedom of doing anything. It is also a role-playing game where you can create your avatar who will depict you in the universe of this app and there you can socialize with different people.

There are different social media applications available on the internet today. But this one is very unique. Here you can create the 3d avatar that will have the same identity and traits of yours that you will set according to yourself.

After creating the avatar of yourself you can easily get him dressed up using the different more than 1000 different types of costumes and the available items in this game.

Once all of this is done, the next step is to jump into the world of the app. Here you will easily find different people. Now avatars of those people are roaming around in the app. You can go near them and chat with them easily. If both of you click, you send them friend requests and add them to your profile.

Later you can make different rooms where different games can be played here in the Highrise Mod Apk. So socializing and playing the game and interacting with your friends and new people is no more difficult nowhere in this game.



This role-playing virtual reality game is not just a game. It is a community app that lets you socialize with different people. Meet different people, add them up and chat or call them. Later make room for different tasks, such as playing games or talking privately or in groups.

Different games can be played between you and your friends. For that reason, rooms are of very importance. Plus your avatar here in this virtual universe is a clear depiction of yourself. So make sure to make it as attractive as you can so that people get impressed just by seeing it.


Highrise Mod Apk
Highrise Mod Apk

The features of the Highrise Mod Apk are given below.

Avatar Creation

Avatar creation is the most important and the first step here in this game. Just like Covet Fashion. You can create your avatar with different options available in the avatar creation menu. There are different body styles and facial characteristics that you can use that match yourself.

Make Friends

Using your avatar in the game, approach the avatars of different people. Just like your own avatar that shows your identity, the avatars of other people show theirs. So you can approach them and talk to them through the chat feature. If you like them you can send them friend requests and make them your buddies.

Post Daily Updates


Just like any other social media platform, you can post daily updates to the application. You can post pictures, statuses, and stories to your account through your avatar, and later your added friends can view them and like or comment on them.

Follow The People You Like

As the game is based on a social media network, so there are many people in it. Some famous and with different skills also. So you can easily follow anyone just like you do on Instagram or Twitter and get notified about their daily postings and activities.

Play Games

Playing different mini-games is very easy here in this app. You can create rooms, add different people or your friends and start playing the games. Rooms can also be used to start a group chat or a meeting here in this virtual world of the app.

Create And Design Rooms

Highrise provides you with an opportunity to design your own room. You can set up your own dream room with luxurious furniture and other goods as well. Moreover, you can visit the pre-build room as well. After designing your room you can show the room to your all friends to impress them. Make your real-life dreams come true in this game.

Watch Video About Highrise

If you really don’t know how to play the Highrise game and you are playing this game for the very first time then we have a video tutorial for you to learn and understand the game. We have created ease for this game lover.



So the best app in the form of the Highrise Mod Apk is here where you can easily socialize with many people using your avatar. The avatar creation is also very easy as you can use different items to make it more attractive. So don’t wait and download it now. Try more Fashion and Role Playing Games like Zepeto and Shopping Mall Girl, etc.

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