Idle Military Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems)

Based on the same idea of fighting, war, combat, and army this game provides you with every detail that one can expect from Clash of canes, etc. Idle Military Mod Apk is war based game where you as the main character will have to save your countrymen from outside attacks.

Idle Military Mod Apk
Idle Military Mod Apk

Your neighbor states and countries will be looking up for the opportunities to take you down and to rule over your state. You have to take utmost care of your territory. Also, you can expand your territory if you want to rule over a vast expanse.

Although the main purpose of you and your fleet will be to safeguard you and the territory from outside attack if you want to be more protected from outside attacks and want to have a robust army and fleet the n you need to expand your territory.


Idle Military Mod Apk
Idle Military Mod Apk


You as the commandant of the territory will need to safeguard your emperor. Your emperor will your power and you’re your countrymen along with the soldiers will be your power.

To take care of them means you are making sure that you are protecting them through every means. Their security will be your priority.


Protect your territory along with expanding your territory, Expanding your territory is the second priority but first, you have to take all those precautionary measures that can be [used as security against your enemies.

Because your foes outside will try to access your land to rule over out so make sure you are not opposing the attack with all weak strategies.

Expand fleet

Expand your army and the fleet. In more areas you will rule more power will be added to your army. The opponent you have taken down will be added as your army men by default.

Several army men will directly affect the strength of your army. With more army and soldiers, more power to your military will be.


Command your army as the commandant. You as the commandant will have the responsibility of your entire fleet that will affect the outcomes of the wars.

if you will act as the best commandant using the best commandant strategies more chances of your victory will be.


As mentioned you will be the commandant. So as the commandant, you have to use the best strategies that in return will affect the performance of your army. Using the right strategy and the right time will give more power to your army.


More ever Idle Military Mod Apkis supported with live animation that is supported with vibrant colored graphics. Most of all users of this game have rated this application for its animation feature.

This looks so interesting while commanding the fleet who will act to your voice supported by the feature of live animation.

Unique Levels

Also, this game is supported with the feature of unique levels. With each succeeding level, you will be allotted a new task that you have to accomplish at any cost.,

If you ever fail to accomplish any task you will surely get back to the same task on repeat until and unless you accomplish it.

Modded Feature

Although the premium version of this application provides lots of features that are unavailable in most of the applications. But still, the Modded version of this application provides a list of other features that are missing in its premium version too.

Some of the main highlights of this game are mentioned below.

  • More rewards
  • Free coins
  • Free in-app purchases
  • Free to install
  • Secure

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Idle Military Mod Apk provides bundles of features that one can expect from it. With the feature of its unique levels, it provides full of excitement.

If you require the Modded version we here have mentioned an authentic link for installation of this game. If you tap over the link it will start your installation at once without any delay. Enjoy more games like Injustice 2 and Shadow Fight 2, etc.

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