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Description :

Indeed jobs in Canada/ Indeed jobs Require Languages


Secondary (high) school graduation certificate


Approximately two to three years

working circumstances


Environment at Work

purchase pet care products


pet grooming and cutting keep a record of the animals it has helped. Managing assistance while they clean, maintain, and place orders for supplies (True Jobs In Canada) nail-clipping, and flea baths (Indeed Jobs In Canada)

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Experience and expertise

Pet haircut and styling records are kept by shampooing and cleaning the animal’s hair. While taking an insecticide bath, help is being watched as they order, maintain, and clean supplies. Jobs For Nail Technicians In Canada (Really Jobs In Canada)

Additional Information:

Physical requirements and workplace settings

precision, physical stamina, and carrying heavy objects

stooping, kneeling, or crouching

tolerating a fast-paced environment for longer.

Real Employment in Canada

Weight management

45 kilograms at most (100 lbs)

Personal Suitability:

excellent vocal communication and dependability Flexibility a dependable team player with judgement


financial advantages


Other advantages

There is no parking regulation. Opportunities exist for team formation.

I work here in Canada.

Give a room and food.

two years of expertise

Compensation for Salary: $20.00 per hour

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