Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022

As the name suggests Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod Apk is developed by one of the most renowned Indian developing companies, Rohit Gaming Studio. Here you will get unlimited money for free.

This game follows the same gaming pattern that any other car racing game does. It follows the same sequence in which you will be given the choice of cars.

After opting for any of your favorite cars you will be given a specified mission that you will have to accomplish within the specific period slot. After the completion of the first task, this hierarchy of tasks continues giving multiple tasks one after one.

Once you get succeeded in the completion of a task you will be headed to the next task. If in any case you get fail to complete the task you will be taken back to the previous one, unless you complete it.


Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod Apk
Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod Apk


For the guidance on the screen you will have 3D and 2D maps or as per your choice. You can opt between these maps whatever you prefer to be guided with.

These maps will help you to find your next location and to watch traffic conditions on the way. You better opt for the ways that have less traffic to compete for your task on time.

These maps are not only loaded with road views but also street views that will help you to adopt the shortcut way to reach the required destination.


Indian Cars Simulator 3D
Indian Cars Simulator 3D

Although the roads are well constructed, especially on the highways and the main roads. This game also provides you with many other options of off roads. Unlike City Car Driving.

These off-roads give bumpy and harsh situations for the driver. You better opt for the vehicle that is preferred for bumpy roads.


You can control the car’s movement with simple yet best-designed gestures. These gestures help you control the motion of a car.

You can make the car move forward, backward, or any other gesture of the car including the horn, brakes can be controlled through small icons available on the screen.


Car speed can check via the speedometer of the car. If you are driving over bumpy roads then you are preferred to go at a slow speed. In case of the race mode on the highway, you can go with a high-speed car that will let you win the race more efficiently.


If you want to record your performance and the entire journey of the car you can tap over the recording mode. This mode will let you record the entire journey and will save the recording in the gallery.

You can even share the screen recording with your friends via any social media. This is one of the most looks interesting features that one can find in any car racing game.

Viewing Angles

You can view the car and the road via multiple modes. If you want to look from the driver’s perspective you can simply do so.

If you want to look from the dashboard camera you can simply switch to that mode. Viewing mode feature switching is much easy and more convenient to use.

Modded Features

Yet we have discussed so much about the features of this Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod Apk still there is so much to talk about if we are quoting the Modded version.

The Modded version provides you have lots of features for free that are paid for in the premium version. You can simply switch to any of the levels of task you want to without getting into the trouble of completing all tasks.

Similarly, you are no longer supposed to be worried about the in-app [purchases as every feature in this application is available for free of cost.

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Indian Cars Simulator 3D Mod Apk, by following the conventional racing gaming pattern sounds boring. Buy once you play this game you will be amazed by the rich features of this game.

These rich features are so well developed and unique that no one expects this from any car racing game. With multiple and rich features, this game for sure is the first choice of players who love to play racing games.

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