Island King Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/ Coins/ Spins) 2022

Do you love traveling? Want to discover more exciting and adventurous places? Then welcome our article Island King Mod Apk because we will lock you with a game that will take you in a fantasy world searching for the character’s father. While searching, you will get many places to explore and know about many things. So, don’t waste your time looking for another game. Just come and try this; we assure you that you will get addicted same like Minion Rush.

Gameplay with lots of fun while discovering new islands and becoming the King. The MOD version will let you experience this game with unlimited money that will help you get new features. Play it individually or play with your family and friends, it’s all up to you, but you will love this game in any case.


island king
island king

Island King Mod Apk is a game consisting of adventurous places which any player loves to discover. If you don’t want to use your energy but still want to play a game, then this game is developed for you. The publisher Forever9 Games ensure that Island King Mod Apk will make every player addicted to this game.

Along with this, you have to attack various islands to get control of them and become King of them. Additionally, Forever9 Games introduces a wheel spinning option for players to bring different elements into use.

Who doesn’t want to build an Island on the sea and become a king? We think everyone wants this, but what if you get the chance to conquer the islands having lots of fun? Island King Mod Apk is a game where you become the kind of Island and will have fun.

Excitingly, this game will take you to a mysterious world full of exciting activities that you can enjoy with your friends. Moreover, the magical spinner will catch your attention more towards the game, and you cannot get rid of this game quickly.

How is Island Kind More Enjoyable Than Other Games?

Ruling on an Island and using your sovereign powers to get stronger is what every King wants. But, what if enemies surround the Island you conquer, and they don’t miss the chance of attacking you day and night?

Island King Mod Apk is all about making you a more vigorous and powerful king so that you can face all the challenges and compete with the rival’s parties while placing your foot on an island in the sea. Furthermore, you can build your team and train them to make them more robust so that you can easily defeat the enemies.

What to do in Island King Mod Apk?

Island King Mod Apk is a fun game where the character has to search for the lost family members. You are all alone and have to take revenge because the village you belong to also becomes your enemy. To find out about your loved ones, you have to go and discover many different islands. Your main aim is to get all the coins from various islands to build your own. After making your Island, you have to defend it from countless enemies.

Features of Island King Mod Apk

Island King Mod Apk
Island King Mod Apk

Sweet Revenge

Island is considered a beautiful, attractive, and marvelous place for visitors so our game character does. When you come to know that your home island is under the control of your enemies and your family missing, you will not sit peacefully. You will take revenge on the enemies for sure, but you will do it sweetly.

Spin the Wheel

Spinning the wheel means getting more techniques to conquer the Island and defeat the enemies by attacking them efficiently. Earning unlimited coins can be done by spinning the wheel. Also, you can use these coins for building your Island.

Attack the Other Islands

Use the spinning wheel, and if you get the chance to attack islands, we will provide you with the unique and latest weapons to attack the islands. These weapons will give you the power of being a King.

Rebuild your Island

For building an island, you need money and many elements like trees, birds, animals, sand, rocks and much more. So through this game, you will get a lot of support in rebuilding your Island.

Get Valuable Cards

If you are also a puzzle player, then you can play it here as well. Collect different cards and compare them with your friends to complete a picture, and in return, you will get a lot of coins that can be used to rebuild the Island.

Great Graphical Representation

Island King Mod Apk is an attractive game that will allow you to have fun in the most beautiful natural places. The graphical representation will grab your attention, and you will get hooked on the game.

MOD Features of Island King Mod Apk

Unlimited Money

In the MOD version of Island King, the game producer will give you unlimited money that you can use to get the various weapons to defeat the opponent party.

No Ads

Everyone wants their game not to stop, or you should not get interrupted while playing the game. There Island King Mod Apk is specially made for you because it is completely Ads-free.

Unlimited Turning Numbers on Spinning Wheel

The spinning wheel is available for the player to get the chance to buy many elements, but here we are giving you unlimited opportunities to spin the wheel whenever you want.

Bug Fixes

The MOD version will fix the game’s Bugs, so you don’t have to get worried about viruses attacks.

How to Download Island King Mod Apk?

  • From our article, you will have a virus-free link from where you can download this fantastic game conquering thousands of islands.
  • After clicking on the download button, you will have a message appear on your screen. Let’s press ok, and the downloading will start.
  • When you get the downloading strip completed, an installing option will appear, and you have to click on that so that the game gets started to install it on your device.
  • Some devices will show you the option of extracting the downloaded file, pull it, and enjoying the most decent game.


What is the size of the game?

The size of the game is friendly for all the users. Its size is 113.47MB.

Can we enjoy the game or only do we have to fight a battle?

No, you don’t have to fight only. Also, you will enjoy yourself a lot while playing and discovering new islands.

How many downloaders are there of Island King Mod Apk?

There are approximately 57,807 downloaders of this game which is enough to encourage someone to play the game.


Island King Mod Apk is a beautifully designed game with attractive graphical appearances. The publisher chooses funny and cute characters to play this beautiful game. The game has many hidden features, but you will explore the step by step and enjoy them when you start playing this game. We will force you to download this fantastic application for discovering and conquering new Islands.

Lastly, Island King Mod Apk is a straightforward game that any person can easily play. Don’t feel hesitant if you have any issues at any stage. We are here to give you full support through our help. Thank you for visiting our article and downloading Island King Mod Apk.

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