Kitten Match Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money) 2022

Many of us are fond of playing kitty-feeding games. Kitten Match Mod Apk is from the same genre. In this, you will come across a kitty who will be looking up to your assistance. These abandoned kitty needs your care and residence to live. Here you will get unlimited money and stars for free.

Build residence for her, feed her, and take good care of her. How is it possible to ignore a kitty who is longing for a human-friendly environment?. Join this creative gameplay to mix and match puzzles in order to take good care of the kitty.

Restore the mansions of these innocent kitties, and deal with them with utmost care and love. These lovely kittens are ready for you to come and play this game.

Story Line

Kitten Match
Kitten Match

Like many other building games, Kitten Match Mod Apkactually works in the story mode. In the story mode, you will build a mansion for the kitty from the scratch.

Following up the story you will let to learn more and more about the past of the kitties. Like how they have found you and how they approached you to become their caretaker.

It will let you help them in a more attractive manner. You will be amazed by the story narrations.

Each chapter will narrate the story very smoothly that you will learn more about the game and the kittens.


Kitten Match Mod Apk
Kitten Match Mod Apk

Flourish Mansions

Flourish your house of kitty with lights and wallpapers, flooring, and small furniture. You can renovate it with all those belongings of the kitty that you think may be needed by the kitty for its ease.

Transform the entire mansion into the comfort zone that the kitty will love for sure.

Feed Kitty

Your very first task besides building up for the kittens will be to feed and pet the cuddly kittens. More you let them feed and cuddle them with love more they will trust you and they will love being around you.

The happier cats will increase your lifeline and will let you earn more rewards from the gameplay at the end.


As mentioned besides building this game is loaded with puzzle solving. This puzzle will let you match and crush items with the boosters.

With boosters, you can earn more rewards and boost the mixing and matching of the puzzles.


No matter which version is considered both versions of this game is secure enough to be played. There is no privacy issue that has been registered yet. Its premium and the official versions both are sound and secure.


With vibrant colors and the live animation, users have really adored the graphic. Developers have worked on the graphics modules.

Color gradients are not that bold that cause irritation to the user’s eyes. Neither they are dull and the user gets no attraction.

Instead of very soothing color gradients this gameplay easily catches the attraction of the users.


You can associate the game with your Facebook account. Here you can share your gameplay progress and invite your friends to play this game.

More you will enhance your circle more will be chances you to survive in the gameplay. As you can borrow lifelines from your friends that play kitten match mod Apk.


Kitten match has very crispy and clear graphics and I think this is one of the biggest reasons behind the fame of this game. people are liking this game because of its graphics. It gives you real-world feelings.

Modded Features

Kitten Match
Kitten Match

There are some more added features in the Modded version that you cannot find over the premium version. Some of the features are mentioned below.

  • Unlock stages
  • More Rewards
  • Free Costumes
  • Secure
  • No Ads
  • No In-app purchases

Watch Video About Kitten Match


This interactive gameplay is surely going to seek your attention once you get into it. You are probably wondering how this game will work as you will be playing it for the first time. Let us clear even the newbies find out Kitten Match Mod Apk very simple.

Its gestures and graphics, the design have made it very feasible for the users who are looking for any puzzle and building games. Enjoy more puzzle games from like Bad Piggies and Sand Balls, etc.

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