Knife Hit Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Rewards) 2022

The knife hit mod apk game develops for all gamers looking for easy games, those who do not want to waste their time learning those games, which is very difficult to understand. Well, in that case, ketchup develops their Knife hit mod apk for the android users. The game is based on Knife throwing on a wall. This game is easily understandable for the new gamers, and they get interested in this game rapidly because of the gameplay. The gamer will throw multiple knives on different logs. Gamer has to break the log by shooting the log with various blades, and he has to avoid throwing on the Knife, which is currently present on the logs. Anyone can quickly master this game, and they will continue to play this game as they become an expert player in breaking the logs same like cooking madness mod apk.

At the start of the game, players will get a set of Knives to break the spinning logs. In the game, gamers have to target the spinning record from their knives so that they have to show some accuracy while throwing the blades towards the logs. You can play this game anywhere you want. If you have run out of your knives without breaking the logs, then it will cause you to start the level again. You can find more of this mobile game from Rider Ketchapp with our complete review.

There are many different apps that are being developed by the ketchup like hit game android, knife hit game etc.


Knife Hit Mod Apk
Knife Hit Mod Apk

Here is the list of all the features that is being offered by this game;

Simple Gameplay for Android Users

Android gamers in the knife hit mod apk will tap on the screen to throw their knives on the logs while the log will be spinning. The gamer should have thrown the knives at a slow speed so that the log moving with the slow speed will get hit by the knife. You have to shoot with multiple knives to break the log.

Different Levels in Knife Hit Mod Apk

There are multiple game levels in this knife hit game. In the start, the gamer will easily pass the starting levels because of their ease. When a gamer starts to clear the levels, the game will get more challenging than before, which will be interesting for the gamers. The more you play this game, the more interest you get in this game. The developer also adds the bonus level in the game so that gamer shows interest in the game and will receive the bonus by which they can buy customized knives for their gameplay.


The feature is added to engage the gamer with this game; this feature aims to provide benefits to the user who plays this game regularly. There is a weekly reward feature that has been created so that the user will get his reward in terms of knives or coins. When the user log-in to the game, then he will be eligible for collecting the dividends. At the end of the week, gamers will receive a big prize for their availability in the game.

Compete with your Friends

This game is an online as well as offline game, where users can play with their friends. When online, they can play different modes. In contrast, online and they challenge each other while, on the other hand, they can play around the globe with various gamers playing this game, and you can also make new friends by playing this game. You play this game with your friend who is living around the world.

Play with or without the Internet

The offline feature of this game makes this game the most awesome arcade game. The part gives you ease like if you do not have the internet, you can easily play this game and spend your time playing it. You have to play some hours to become an expert in this game. This game is easily accessible on your portable device, and it also runs on Android tablets. Most of the features of this game are available in offline mode. You play this game while you’re outside and do not have any data on your device.

Game is Free

Knife mod is free to play on your android devices. You can just download and play this game while in hit mode you can enjoy unlimited bonuses and coins. And also have unlocked all the levels of this on this version. For this game, you don’t have to pay any payments game playing like in other games.

Downloading and Installation of Knife Hit Mod Apk

  • Click on the download key mentioned in our site.
  • Downloading starts immediately once you click.
  • The download is complete, open the apk file and install it now.
  • Open the installed mod apk file and enjoy all unlimited mods.


What will we get after downloading this apk mod?

You will get unlimited coins and bonuses and can unlock new levels of this game.

Is it safe for mobile?

Yes, it is safe for your device, and can easily download on any device. The version of this game is mentioned above in the details so that anyone can enjoy this game.

Final Thought

Altogether, the knife hit mod is the most accessible game for the arcade game lover. This game is straightforward to play; gamers will learn this game quickly and do not have to spend many hours first learning the game. The ketchapp game developer is top-rated for their arcade games. One of the main reasons for liking this game is their knife hit hack so that you can easily unlock all of the levels and earn more coins to buy the limited knives of the games.

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