Love Nikki Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Diamonds) 2022

One of the best styling games that provide tons of exquisite costumes. Love Nikki Mod Apk is about the mix and match of multiple costumes. In other styling game, you are probably reserved to owe a single costume per task and you can avail a costume and can accessorize it with jewelry.

But Love Nikki does not reserve its users to only avail a costume per task but it does provide ways to mix and match a single costume with other. In this way, you can enhance your fashion skills and can master yourself in it.

This game is more than a styling game because it not only provides styling ideas but also lets you tailor and take part in multiple fashion events.

Where you can exhibit your ideas and can get inspiration from the other stylist. Having a fan page can also be helpful for you in the way that you are no longer needed to take part in a competition to display your designs but you can get a lot of attention from the customers by uploading your designed costumes over the fan page.


Love Nikki Mod Apk
Love Nikki Mod Apk

As mentioned Love Nikki mod Apk is more than a simple costume-designing mobile game where it provides tons of other ways to get into the character’s needs and what suits them the most. It’s just like Party In My Dorm.

This game is loaded with more than 200 characters who have different skin tones and body structure is different which make you keenly design and test more costumes over different character.

By doing so your tailoring and designing skills enhance to make you more confident and can be helpful for you in a way to be on the leaderboard among other stylists.


Love Nikki
Love Nikki

Magical Journey

The game is more like a magical journey comprises of more than 200 unique characters that belong to different backgrounds like Covet Fashion. Every time you will pick up a character to style him up you will be working on a unique idea.

This magical journey never let you feel bored that every time a new story will be followed up and the uniqueness of the story make you feel like working in a unique and new environment.

Gorgeous Clothing

Along with the unique and magical stories, the library will be loaded with lots of new costumes that can be mixed and matched and can be accessorized with accessories that make them even more attractive and gorgeous.

These gorgeous dresses will always be available to use you can style them up. But keep in mind the costumes you will be working on will have great proportionality with the character you have selected.

So make sure to select a character and the costume who will have great chemistry and not look odd as per their body structure and colors.

Design Style

Style already stitched costume with the accessories. This makes the illusion of a completely new costume that can be styled up on any character. This also opens the way for the diversity of wardrobe options.

Personally Tailored

The costumes can be selected from the wardrobe you already own along with you can select 1000 dyed clothes and make them stitch as per your need and desire.

These tailored dresses also are available in your wardrobe onward which you can sell and can later display in any costume designing event.

Stylist Battle

Styling battle will let you take part in the completion that allows you to have exposure to a new world of designing. You can inspiration from the rest of the designers and can implement their design ideas over your new costumes.

This diversity is rarely available in any other fashion designing application. Love Nikki Mod Apk is no doubt the best application so far having a great diversity.

Fan page

You can create a fan page of your store where you can share your designs and also can get the attention of the friends that you have on Facebook.


Love Nikki Mod Apk cannot be referred to as any ordinary mobile fashion application as far as we have researched. It provides diversity in multiple disciplines of fashion. We highly recommend this application to users who expect more than a simple costume design.

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