Mini Militia Mod Apk (Unlimited Grenades/ Health) 2022

Battling game lovers pay attention! Cool doodle soldiers are waiting to start a battle in the forest. And Mini Militia Mod Apk on the bright side, the game is absolutely free!

Mini Militia MOD APK

V5.3.7 (Unlimited Money and Energy)


Here is a fun doodle army game for everyone. Even if it is a game of battle, the game consists of doodle army. The game Mini Militia MOD APK has to offer many fun features. Not only the game is known to be the best of its kind but it is a multiplayer survival shooting game suitable for all ages. However, the storyline of the game includes that the army has to go on a very dangerous survival adventure in the forest. Many of the enemy people are hiding in different places throughout the jungle. Up to 6 players can play the game Mini Militia MOD APK online. Soldiers are equipped with an unlimited supply of deadly weapons.


Mini Militia Mod Apk
Mini Militia Mod Apk

Before the advent of Mini Militia Doodle army 2 mini militia mod was most famous worldwide. For this reason, after the success, their developer Miniclip updated the game to a whole new level.

This is the best suitable war game for those who are addicted to playing online games. It also includes the usage of health, ammo, and points gathered by defeating the enemy. Moreover, maps, bombs, and tons of battle equipment make the game an experience of never-ending fun.


Mini Militia Unlimited Ammo and Nitro

To tell this, one of the best features of the game is that all ammo and nitro are free and unlimited in supply. Not only the player can play the game alone but join an online team for the satisfaction that someone has always got their back. The life band of the player increases by killing a larger number of enemies

Mini Militia Latest Mod 

Moreover, the game is updated every now and then. Mini militia mod’s latest version is v 5.3.7. The latest mod is by far the coolest with super cute doodles fighting a death battle. Another fun part is the open map of the jungle. When playing as a team, no one can enter anyone else’s map. Centrally the game has been very successful on IOS and after its great achievement; the developer introduced it for windows as well.

Doodle Army 2 Unlimited Health

To rephrase it, doodle army soldiers are dealing with enemies and fighting with enemy soldiers in a forest full of traps and battling with guns. However, in such a case unlimited health supply is so much important. Most importantly, what if the soldier dies during battle or the time runs out? To sort out such troubles developer of the game has found a solution by making the player not worry about death at any time in the game. Not only death is thrown out of the window, but killing the enemies also increases life band.

Mini Militia Unlimited Everything

The game makes sure that its players never get bored and stay engaged by making all features of the game free and available for all. Not only the equipment is free but Health, Lives, Ammo, Nitro and loads more; with a supply that never ends. The game is free the download itself and most of the weapons are also available at the customer’s choice.

Zoom Control

The greatest feature of this game includes zooming in on the thing you want to see properly, whether it is a weapon or any of your enemies. Apart from this fact, when you download the game you might not become familiar with most of the features right away. But the game never loses its true meaning as one learns through experience and lots of practice


To include, you don’t need to take aims that go wasted as the aimbot automatically chooses and even targets for your ease by unlocking this feature. The rest that is left is shooting and winning.

Jetpack with an Unlimited Supply

As a matter of fact, a jetpack is a piece of equipment that lets the player fly away to the other end with no trouble from land creatures. Also, this fabulous game gives its players the facility to enjoy the flying experience. And the bright side of this feature is that its fuel never ends. To put it another way, fly, fight and shoot to your heart’s content.

Download Process

Mini militia mod free download is a step-by-step process

To start downloading process

  • Make sure your internet connection is stable
  • In the next step, you need to click on the Download button in the article as mentioned
  • A pop-up window will appear on the screen and ask for permission to start the process
  • After giving access to the application, the downloaded file will appear on the screen
  • Now you need to click on the Mini Militia MOD APK file on your device and it will start running
  • Wait for a few seconds for the installation process to be completed and you have your own app


How can this game be played online?

If the game has been downloaded from MiniClip, it does not allow the online gameplay

Can this game be played on pc?

All games can be played on pc. However, to download this game you need to use an Android simulator and download the game on pc

How do you play Mini Militia from different places?

When playing online, players can make their separate game rooms and simply enjoy uninterrupted game sessions with friends across faraway places


To conclude, this game’s fun does not end with this mere conclusion. To have the fullest fun you need to download the app and let the battle begin and see for yourself what the game is actually about.

Instead of going and downloading the app from any other fake source we recommend you click the above-mentioned download button.

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