Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk Free Download 2022

In Vietnam country, people mostly travel on local transport by bus. They found it convenient for travelling by bus instead of any luxury vehicle.

So the buses in Vietnam are designed in such a way that the passenger found it convenient to travel in. Traveling in the buses in Vietnam is a sort of culture and trend now. Thus we have brought a game called as Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk free download.

Keeping this thing in mind the developer came up with the idea of developing an application that follows the same idea.

You will find it convenient yet you will enjoy the game as it has the best graphics support along with the live animation.


Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk
Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk


There will be the option of capacity you can select the bus as per your need. You can select a bus that can be 17 or 24 seats.

Depending upon the number of passengers you can select the game that fits the situation. Having more capacity will lead you to pick up more passengers and drop them at their wanted destinations.

It is preferred to choose a less seater bus as you will be allotted a specific time to pick up and drop off the passengers at their locations.


The interface of Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk is designed in such a way that users will find this game more like a simulator than an ordinary game. The interface module of this game is adored by many users and you will find many positive reviews on the internet regarding the interface of this application.

Time Mode

This game is supported with time modes. If you want to drive in the daylight you select that mode and if you want to drive in night mode you can opt for that one too.

Switching between timing modes will be so easy that even a person playing this game for the first time will find it convenient.

Weather Update

This Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk also supports weather updates. These weather updates will be according to the pre-default timings and the weather situation.

If you are driving during the rainy season you will be instructed to drive slow as the roads will be slippery and you will have to be more careful. The same goes for any other season, depending upon the weather situation instructions, and guides changes.


Minibus Simulator Vietnam
Minibus Simulator Vietnam

The interior of the bus is well designed. You will find every single detail in the bus interior as you can find over any other bus in real.

From the driving seat to the passenger seat each thing and detail has been designed very carefully so that you will surely it.


If you don’t know how to drive the bus or if you want to learn about any of the features in the game you can quickly go through the manual of the bus that is saved in the library. By reading so you will learn about the basic working of the game.


Along with all these super and rich features, this game is supported with multi-lingual support. With the support of 20 languages you and find out this game more convenient as you can select any language as per your feasibility.

AI Support

Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk
Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk

With the best AI support, you will be updated about the traffic condition in the game. If there is traffic on the route you are following up you will be quickly asked to change the route.

Because the traffic and the road jam in the game will look so real that it will consume a lot of your time to take your vehicle away from the traffic.


After reading about all of the features you probably can tell how rich-featured this application is. If you try out this application once you will surely get addicted to it very soon.

Minibus Simulator Vietnam Mod Apk is more a simulator than an ordinary bus driving application hence is worth playing.

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