Mr Bullet Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Spy Puzzle) 2022

Mr. Bullet Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Mr. Bullet Mod Apk game with physics and arcade aspects in which you are playing the part of an agent and how your primary goal is to rescue the planet and must be done in one manner by eliminating all the adversaries there. However, shooting opponents with bursts doesn’t work well; every shot must be organized and thought through since the quantity of munitions is restricted, and the progression of events depends on the trigger of each click. In addition to your narrative missions, you’ll be able to check your ability against the same agents that bring suspense to the action.

Mr. Bullet Mod Apk Introduction

Mr Bullet Mod Apk
Mr Bullet Mod Apk

Be ready for your ultimate pleasure to shoot in this fantastic Lion Studios Title as you completely immerse yourself in Mr. Bullet’s awesome game. Furthermore, be a detective, a superhero, and a famous combatant on many different levels, each with its unique configurations and features. Fight your opponents with your incredible tactical shooting abilities.

That’s why Mr. Bullet’s unique and new shooter gameplay exposes Android players to a fascinating method to address the difficulties. Here, you may experience numerous levels with distinct configurations that enable you to exploit various features and components. Therefore, take your opponents down undeniably instead of taking them down like other typical shooters with your weapons.

Mr. Bullet performs in a puzzle, but the primary content is shooting. That means you must discover a method to destroy with the lowest amount of shots as many opponents as feasible. Thus, the game is extremely basic and understandable; everyone can start with an elder or a 7-year-old kid. Players may play with one-touch by dragging to shoot using a vertical screen.

How to play Mr. Bullet Mod Apk

MR Bullet
MR Bullet

It’s very easy to get accustomed to its gameplay fast. In a single second, even a toddler knows. First, you get a hero, spy, or legend’s task. You may have to battle with any name to eliminate the world’s hazardous objective. However, your enemy will be extremely varied and strong, including powerful supernatural ones, like zombies, martial arts bad men like Ninja, or even opposing faction spies.

Furthermore, use your gun to kill the prearranged enemies on the map. You will become a shooter. There are two things you need to remember when you take part in a gunfight. The first is the number of shots limited to various levels based on the difficulties of barriers. Thus, the second thing you need to be concerned about is the intricacy of the map.

There is a kickass hero on his adventures to knock down the world’s largest crime organizations and rescue the captives from harm in the game. Moreover, dive into various difficulties in the game, in which you will face hundreds of opponents with weapons like cut the rop mod apk. Thus, use your brains and ingenuity to think of unbelievable methods to beat them with your little stockpile.

Adjust the conditions, adjust the order of priority for each goal, and develop a solid strategy to beat your opponents depending on the number of goals and the things around you. The game includes many things that may easily be utilized for your benefit. Here, you may fire the barrel to smash the opponents and utilize the bullets and explosives to wipe out your foes efficiently.


Ammunition and Suits

Many items are accessible when you finish the level successfully. First of all, the game has several fascinating features to select from. This spy man can turn into a monarch, a monster, a senior spy, or a women’s agent. Very easy to unlock in shop outfits.

For a detective like Mister Bullet, weapons are an essential thing. He gets three basic weapons, pistol, pomegranate, and bazooka. However, you can usually accomplish the job simply with a single bullet. Grenades and bazookas in some special modes may be unlocked and utilized.

Missions to Unlock

Mr. Bullet has searches that the player needs to unlock. There are two ways players may unlock it. One is to utilize the number of stars collected. Therefore, the second is to utilize the money gained after each game. Regardless of how you utilize them, they’re not simple to get. But in exchange, the new chores will be very appealing with the deactivated lock. Try to finish the stage properly to open up numerous amazing quests.


Like the other Lion Studios puzzle games, Mr. Bullet features basic, humorous 2D visuals with numerous colors. Graphics provide gamers with comfort and relaxation. Therefore, this game’s a great option if you start to get irritated with graphics demanding games like PUBG Mobile. As the visuals aren’t overly detailed, many Android devices, even a low-end phone, can play the game.

Destroy all of Them and Rescue the Planet

Each shot will use the same reflective process. This implies that when you strike the wall, it may be flung in another direction. You may check if it operates the same way as a billiard game but flying much quicker with bullets. Calculate to precisely strike the correct angles to defeat the opponent behind barriers. Then your adversaries get bigger and healthier. In addition to weapons, you also have grenades.

Mr. Bullet Download

  • Download APK file of Mr. Bullet Mod (limitless cash/unlocked)
  • Once you have downloaded, open Downloads, touch the APK file, and, when asked, hit Yes.
  • APK (limitless/ unlocked) is going to start installing Mr. Bullet Mod on your smartphone. Simple.


May I play this offline game?

Yes, without restriction or internal problems, you may enjoy Mr. Bullet in offline mode.

Does this game have ads?

Yes, many advertisements cause such disturbances in the game and may be removed from the game shop.

Final Verdict

The game is fully focused upon the shooting, yet it’s hard to bother due to the unique mechanisms in Mr. Bullet. This is due to gunshots that rebound off walls, obstructions, and even traps. A headshot is, therefore, sometimes sufficient to destroy a group of gaseous foes. It is a shame, but it is virtually difficult to select new costumed items or clothes in a problem without hacking or in a mod that seems to be worth installing – thus, a mercenary occasionally loses a killing shine.

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