Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold) 2022

You might have played building games on your cell phones. Similarly, you have played games like GTA which follow the storyline. What if we tell you about a game name Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk? This is a combination of multiple themes.

Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk
Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk

This game is about building empires along with following the gangster storyline. If we talk about following gangster story mod there are many features to be discussed.

Similarly, if we talk about building an empire then there are other features to be discussed. We have tried to summarize each feature for ease so you can easily read up about it before going for the installation of this game.

You will find out options like building empires to features like dominating empires and ruling over the empires of others.

Some of the main highlights that you will find in this game are mentioned below.


Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk
Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk

Build Empire

First of all, you will be asked to build your empire. This empire will be started up from the scratch. You as the main lead of the gang will be asked to start up the empire.

Building your empire will make you feel more powerful among other gangsters. If you start up a powerful empire this will help you in strengthening your gang to tackle the opponents.


You can add up to more than 50 Sicarios to your team. By doing so you can switch to any of the characters in unique gameplay.

You can even customize the added Sicarios as per your choice. Adding up and unlocking up the new Sicarios will give you multiple options of getting into new characters every time in each new gameplay.

Team Up

You can even team up with the real players around the globe. You can add them as your team members will be helpful to you in very mean.

These characters will help you in the war situation with the enemy also adding up new real members will give you the option of getting more rewards.

So if you want to earn more in a shortcut manner then add new members every time you found a new real member request. Also, you can make up a request to your friend who is a player of Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk.


No matter if you are playing with the real members as friends or foes make sure to keep your score high on the leaderboard. Because if you get succeeded in dominating your foes this will be helpful to you in earning more rewards.

Spread Empire

You can spread up the empire over vast expansion to expand your territory. More you expand your territory more areas, streets and other locations will be added up to your map. Hence giving you more time to complete a task.

Time Slot

For the completion of a task, you will be allotted a specific time. You will be asked to finish up any task within the allotted time. If you get succeeded in doing so you will be upgraded to the new task.

If you get failed in doing so you will be asked every single time to accomplish the task before the end of the time.


You will be awarded powerful weapons in terms of rewards. Similarly, when you will start up the game your main character will be loaded with a few weapons that can be upgraded with the passage of time.

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No doubt there are few games that follow up the mixture of different theme lines. And no doubt Narcos Cartel Wars Mod Apk is one of them.

This game provides tons of features that are much unexpected sometimes. This game is known to be for providing tons of features on android devices besides allocating very few Mbs of the memory.

If you are fond of playing building games having more than one storyline you are highly recommended for this application.

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