Ninja Village Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money) 2022

The Ninja Village Mod Apk will take you to ancient Japan where ninja wars are going on in the 16th century. You have to help the commander regain the power and authority he possessed. The game is related to the history of the rising sun, so if you are a fan of history, you should not miss this game. Here you will get unlimited money free.

Ninja Village Mod Apk
Ninja Village Mod Apk

When you will start this game you will find yourself rewriting the history of japan. This you will do through various fights and battles with different opponents. You will be the leader of a ninja army and you will take part in different missions and complete tasks assigned to you by the general.

The story of the game starts with the battles between the 2 armies of japan mainly named the Shogun and feudal lords. The game story’s starting point is when the general loses control of the land and his authority through some traitors and is thrown out by the other lords. Now you have to help him regain his power.

You can easily make an army of ninjas in this game and recruit different heroes to help you. You have to make them stronger by training them so that everyone and every other army of every country are afraid of you and your name in the Ninja Village Mod Apk.


Ninja Village Mod Apk
Ninja Village Mod Apk

The gameplay of this game is simple, unlike Fruit Ninja. You have an army of ninjas and you have to command them as they are powerful but they can’t take valuable decisions on their own. You have to defend your village from the attacks of different lords of other armies and also help your general to regain his power.

The character that you will choose can be fully customized from head to toe ninjaand you can dress it up using different items. You can also add wild aid to your army. After the wild aid, the wild animals will support you in your battles and you can easily defeat your opponents. The game is also pixel styles so if you are into these games, then you should download them.


Ninja Village
Ninja Village

The features of the Ninja Village Mod Apk.

Build A Ninja Village

As your land has been destroyed so you have to re-build your village. Here you can do anything you want in the pixel world. From growing crops to building different buildings for your ninja people. You can also add transport and infrastructure to facilitate your villagers.

Manage Ninja Villagers

The game is all about managing and leading. So you can manage and interact with individual villagers of your village. You can assign them different tasks and see their performance. You can guide them and also monitor them by viewing their stats.

Train Ninja Armies

You have to gather the most powerful ninja warriors from your village and make an army to defend your village. Here you can train them as the main aim of this game is that all the other countries must be scared of your name. So try to make the strongest army that can defeat any opponent of yours in seconds.

Wild Aid

Wild aid is to strengthen your army. Using the wild aid you can easily add wild animals to your army. After that whenever you are in any sort of battle, these wild animals will attack your opponents and the chances of winning will become very high for you.


If you want to write history and train and lead an army of some ancient ninja warriors, then you should download this Ninja Village Mod Apk. Here you can simulate an entire ninja village environment and the graphics are pixel style so Minecraft lovers will also love this game.

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