Party in My Dorm Mod Apk (Unlimited Everything) 2022

Slightly different from conventional gameplay Party in My Dorm Mod Apk is college gameplay where the main theme is about living with college girls. The main theme of the game is about doing parties and living in the college girl’s dorm. Here you will get a lot of fun. This game gives the illusion of virtual reality.

Here you can hang out with your friends and can chat with the rest of the college girls. You can send gifts to your friends and can adopt a pet for yourself.

You can decorate the room and can go on date with your loved ones. Hang up with your crew and have fun with them.

Make your moments memorable with the rest of your gang and share your memories with your crew. This game in short provides lots of fun and a bundle of enjoyment in one pack.


Party In My Dorm Mod Apk
Party In My Dorm Mod Apk

Decorate Room

It allows you to decorate your living room and dorm of your corridor. You can install different themes in the room and use different wallpapers in the corridor.

Decorating the room and the dorm makes the interface attractive and lets other girls of your college get attracted to your crew. The more girls you have in the crew more powerful you will be among the rest of the gangs.

Dance Fight

You can challenge other gangs in the dorm to have a dance fight against your crew. These dance fights sound and look very interesting.

Besides conventional fights, this idea sounds really amazing where different avatars will be dancing for their power. The winning team in the end will be considered the power. The winning team at the end will have the power to rule and to make instructions to the rest of the crews.


You can start a relationship with your favorite ones. These relations can settle down through messages and via face time. You can send text messages to your loved ones and can meet them at different locations.

You can be single or can date your loved ones. You can get more fun having relationships with your college fellows than with any dating applications

Adopt Pet

This also allows you to adopt different pets like cats, dogs, geese, rabbits, etc. You can keep pets in your room and can feed them.

Ditch Classes

Party in my Dorm
Party in my Dorm

You can ditch the classes and can enjoy parties around the house. Party in My Dorm Mod Apk is more like a virtual reality that allows you to enjoy the game as being a part of the game.

This is more than an ordinary game where you can only select the avatars and start gameplay with them, instead, it lets the users enjoy the game as the user itself is the part of the game.


This allows you to select the avatars of your choice. These avatars differ in their physical appearance. You can select the entire crew as per your choice. You can select the entire crew with the same physical appearance and can select an individual as per choice.


As mentioned you can do the customization of the living area similar you can customize the avatar’s physical appearance. You can select a pre-downloaded them for the entire dorm or can set everything individually.

In-app Purchases

Party in My Dorm charges some negotiable amount to its users for the purchases of many in-app purchases.

You can skip the feature of in-app purchases as this is optional and can only be used if you want to have more fun while playing.

But there is another way if you do not want to pay for in-app purchases that are the use of the Modded version. This version allows you to use all those features for free that are paid in the premium one.

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After reading about the main highlights of Party in My Dorm Mod Apk, you probably can tell how worth installing this game is.

Based on the unique idea we highly recommend you install this application once if you want to try something new. Moreover, this application is safe and secure thus not causing any security trouble to its users. Try more games like Global City and Covet Fashion, etc.

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