Pixel Starships Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money)

If you ever wanted to become the captain of a spaceship and wanted to explore the entire space, then today is your chance as the game that will be discussed today is related to space exploration and space fighting. The name of the game is the Pixel Starships Mod Apk and is free to download with unlimited resources.

The Pixel Starships Mod Apk is an action space combat game that you can play on your android devices. Unlike other space war games, this game comes with a unique starting feature. Here in this game, you have to build your own starship to continue playing the game.

You can design it in the way you want with the weapons you need. After that is done, the whole space is open so that you can go and explore the different parts of it. While exploring you have to collect different resources so that you can upgrade your ship using them or make space stations on different stars as well.

As the Pixel Starships Mod Apk is a battle combat game so you will need an army of heroes to fight for you. When you are exploring you can easily look for different people to add to your army.


Pixel Starships Mod Apk
Pixel Starships Mod Apk

The Pixel Starships Mod Apk comes with simple graphics of anime but in pixel style like Fury Survivor PIxel Z and Ninja Village. The gameplay is also not very complex. You have to build a space empire of your own and for that, you will need a really strong army.

You need to build space stations at different stars so that you can control that region plus research and exploration is also the need of the day as they will help you in the construction and building of new spaceships along with different other cool gadgets and weapons to aid you in the battles.


Pixel Starships
Pixel Starships

This Pixel Starships Mod Apk has one of the best colorful and vivid graphics of pixel style. Apart from that, it comes with some interesting features that I am going to discuss below.

Space Wars With Friends

If you have a really strong spaceship and want to challenge your friends for a face-off then you can easily do that by inviting them for a match. These multiplayer options will let your fight with your friends and take away some amazing rewards. If you don’t have any friends who play this game, you can still fight against the random players on the internet.

Explore The Space

With your spaceship, you will get the freedom to travel to many places in space and explore different parts of it. This vast space is filled with many dark secrets so while traveling you can uncover many secrets of the space.

Collect Resources

In order to survive and stay alive, you need food and other items that you can use to build your empire. All of these things come from explorations where you go out and collect the resources that you see.

Fight With AI Monsters

When you are playing the offline game mode, then there are dangers at every point in the game. The AI opponents that are aliens of other species are looking to hunt you down. You have to stay awake and be alert as they can attack at any time they want. 


If you want to build your own kingdom in space with a strong army of space species, then you need to download this Pixel Starships Mod Apk. It also comes with a feature to design your spaceship all according to your preference, so don’t shy away from hitting the download button.

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