Port City Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems) 2022

Based on the idea of Cargo ship transportation we can refer to Port City Mod Apk as a simulator more than an ordinary mobile application. This application works in a way where ships are transported from all around the world. Note Here you will get unlimited money and gems for free.

You as the dealer have t make deals with the contractors. These contractors are only not from your country but are foreign too. Keeping the taxes, income and other profits make the deal that should be in favor of both of you.

Making dealings with the countryman will not charge you the high cost of exporting but whenever you will be making any deal with a foreign contractor you have to play strategically as there will be some more factors that are needed to be considered.

This allows you to discover famous ships which leads you to have the largest fleet of cargo ships. Competition on the leaderboard makes this game more interesting as every single play will urge you to compete for your previously achieved scores.


Port City Mod Apk
Port City Mod Apk

Build Sea Port

It allows you to build your seaport. Because if you are owning a fleet of ships you might run out of space for this you have to build your port where you can keep your ships. Moreover, you in return do not have to pay return for the rent of the ship that you have to when you’ll be anchoring those in any public port.

Dealing through your own built port even sounds safer as you will be the owner and the contractor at the same time.

Discover Ships

One of the interesting features of this application is the collection of maritime time transport. Although you can find many other ship transportation games over the google play store. But this application allows you have the most ancient and historical ships of the time in your fleet.

You can discover any vintage or ancient ship that you want to have in your fleet later you can make a deal over those discovered ships and can generate more revenue.

Global Reign

Port City
Port City

Port City Mod Apkdoes not concise you have the deal country contractors only yet it provides you ways of dealing with the global reigns.  This global reign makes this game sound even more interesting as it comes to the contract dealing with rich businessmen from all around the world.

Compete Leaderboard

Once you score high it will be displayed over the leaderboard, but every time you will get into the application you will be asked to break the previous record. In short, you have to compete against yourself. You will be the contractor and the port owner along with you will be the competitor itself. You do not have online real competitors but it sounds more interesting having you as your competitor.

Meet contractors

You can chat with the contractors and can make the best possible deals for you. Before making any deal with the contractor do check out what points are in your favor and what can lead you towards loss.

Because increasing progress will make you keep growing in terms of fleet and other cargo ships strength. The more you have more powerful you will be considered.

Modded Version

Although the premium version of this application comes with lots of features when it comes to the Modded version there is much more to discuss.

One of the amazing features of this application is its free-of-cost installation and in the Modded version, every in-app purchase is free of cost.

Similarly, you can get more rewards in return, you can discover vintage ships and can get them for free. The Modded version breaks all those restrictions that one can face in the premium one.


Port City Mod Apk is a bundle of interesting features. If you are a person who loves playing ship and port-based games then we highly recommend you once try out this application. As this is not reserved for a single module it does provide tons of other features that one can’t expect from it. Enjoy more games like Modern warships, etc.

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