Project IGI Game Download For Android Apk (100% Working)

Are you a fan of the FPS games? And have you played the IGI game in your childhood? If yes then you have landed in the right place as today the game I am going to tell you about will make you feel joyous. The name of the game is the IGI Game Download For Android and from here you will get a 100 percent working link.

In childhood, everyone used to play games on PCs. And there were a couple of games like GTA, need for speed, etc that most of us loved to play. Among these games, another game was too popular among both children and adults. This was the project IGI Apk.

And yes this game I am telling you about is the android version of the same IGI of the PC. It is a military shooting game with a first-person perspective. You can land on a place and find your enemies and try to eliminate them by shooting bullets and bombs at them.

Apart from this, the whole game has been divided into some levels and missions. Each mission is perfectly designed for hardcore shooting lovers. So here is your best chance to download the IGI Game Download For Android.


Project IGI
Project IGI

Let’s talk about the gameplay of the Project IGI Game Download For Android. This android version of the game has the same old gameplay. Here you have to shoot your enemies with the weapons that you will have.

At first, you will have a knife and a gun and some bombs. You can explore the area and find other weapons. Whenever you will kill your enemy you can then collect the weapons that they had.

The game also has a lot of different missions that you have to accomplish. Each mission has 3 stars that you get after completing it according to your performance. And based on these stars, further missions will be unlocked and other weapons and game items can be acquired.


Project IGI Game Download For Android
Project IGI Game Download For Android

The features of the IGI Game Download For Android are given in the below link.

Shoot To Kill

Here in this game, all you have to do is to shoot at your enemies. Once you shoot at them damage is done to them. And once their life bar gets empty, they get killed and you can collect their items.

Collect Opponent Items

Once you kill your opponent, you can then collect all of the items that he has and use them. The most important of these items are the weapons that you can pick up after killing them.

Explore The Map

Apart from just shooting and killing, you can explore the entire map of the game. There you can open different military boxes and from there you can get ammo, weapons, bombs, armor, etc. Different life Kits are also available.

Life Injections

Once you get hit by a bullet, your life bar decreases and once it reaches zero, you will be killed and the game will be over. To tackle this thing, you have the support of the first aid life kit. You can inject yourself from it and your life bar will again get full and will give you another chance. This kit can be found on the map.

Missions And Levels

The game is divided into different missions and levels. Each level has different missions. And the difficulty level of these missions increases gradually. So you have to work on your skills to win every mission.

Drive Trucks

To escape or complete the mission you can drive the trucks. Note there are some trucks that can be driven. Most of the trucks are restricted and you cannot drive them.

Slilde Through Wire

Project IGI has great features and one of the most interesting ones is that. You can slide through the wire and can reach your destination safely. This slide is fast and it will save you time and also keep you safe from enemies as well.

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The IGI Game Download For Android is the best game of military fist person shooting game that you will get for android devices. This is going to be great for all nostalgia lovers as you can now play your childhood game on your mobile phones very easily. Enjoy more action games like Tekken 5 and Dude Theft Wars, etc

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