Raft Survival Mod Apk 2021 Latest Version (Unlimited Coin & Mods)

Raft Survival Mod Apk (Unlimited Rewards)

A game which playing with nature. Yes! You read right. Therefore, you will play this survival simulation game on your android phone. Raft Survival mod apk is a fully unlocked version with unlimited resources. Moreover, the game will be around you and marine life.


An open sea with scary creatures and deadly sharks are around you. The simple mechanism of creativity with reused or trash material applied in Raft Survival mod apk. However, in the sea, you cannot move openly because there is just a raft on which the player is present. But there is a solution to pick different objects from water and that would be a hook. The hook is your best partner in the sea after all it will help you to get resources from up the sea and in the deep sea as well.

TREASTONE LTD has proudly presented this amazing adventures game. A person can barely survive in the open sea with fewer resources. To put it another way, now this is your task to live long and convert this raft into a house or living area. A point often overlooked that how a person can live alone without civilization and socialization? So the game wills tell all stories of survival at risk such as pixel gun 3d mod apk.


Breathe Taking Gameplay

At first, you will surprise to found yourself on a wooden raft with nothing except a hook. No food, no home, and no garments. This offline ocean apk game is completely based on thrill and suspense specifically. Play tactics with the sharks as these can hit badly your raft but do not need to feel fear. Because we are presenting you APK MOD with unlimited resources and you can get coins by completing different levels. By all means, make your boat more attractive with an available thing. It is a fun-based game that works with player’s creativity.

Creativity with Rubble in Sea

You can see other survivors in the same water with you. Learn how they are surviving. The sea will teach you in detail. Pick rubble from the ocean and make a nice living place. These living habits will gradually build surely. Grab tightly with you which you find on this island and make it for your need in a good way.

Ocean Exploring

The ocean is beyond your imagination. You are on the water and have fewer resources but at this time a hook is your companion. Pick everything from the sea. For example woods, empty containers, rope, hammers, and many more. Your routine life has changed and from now you will learn how to eat, sleep and feel in the open sea. Must be remembered, fear of sharks is also with you. But if you play smartly and build your raft gradually then you can stay longer and will get the victory.

Mod Features of How to Download Raft

The Player will get unlimited resources in raft max players. The brand new story will engage you in the game. Generally speaking, the player will see new sharks with sharp and smart behavior. A variety of new islands are part of the game. Unlimited tasks will available for the player. That can provide uncounted rewards after completion all in all. You as the last survivor of the game can be a conqueror. So take risks to build your authority on the island. If you can do the best with these trash of sea. Then you can survive and live on this scary island indeed.

Defense your Territory

You have a specific territory and you are trying to manage your life on it. But sharks don’t like you so they want to destroy your raft and want you as their dinner. The sharks will try to destroyed and attack you. For this reason, be careful because you have only this boat with you. Otherwise, sharks can harm your raft and you have no choice to flap all night. Attacking sharks are hungry also but you have unlimited weapons and tools to take them away from your raft. As a good leader now you learned how to live in the sea safely along with the full enemy world around you. Deep oceans are open for your adventure.

How to Download +Install Raft Survival Ocean Nomad

Don’t need to work so hard to get the game. Because we are presenting you a mod apk version right now. Simple steps of installation will save your precious time. If you have an original game from the Google play store, please delete it before you download an apk version.

  • Press download key from our website.
  • Downloading of cheat raft will start in few seconds.
  • Then open your android mobile and go to settings. Now enable third-party source files for installation.
  • Open the game and play with friends namely.


Is raft mod apk free for PC?

Yes, this game is free for PC and you can use an emulator for the best game results.

Can I get raft game mods for free?

Of course, you can get it free for play. A vast sea opens for your entertainment. You can create your own world on the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

Is a raft max player bugs-free or not?

Yes, our apk mod of the game is bug-free. You will play and enjoy it seamlessly.


The story of oceans is so deep and if it has filled with hungry sharks then what will you do? Survival unlimited is a game where you will fight with nature and different creatures with less supply. Your aim should be to make a living on a raft with available things. A hook can change your game definitely. Play wisely and get rewards to purchase your need. You can explore the deep sea with your hook as well. Your main work is to stay away from sharks and make your life easy with sea trash. Your creativity will pop up with fewer facilities in Raft Survival mod apk .


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