Restaurant Story Mod Apk (Unlimited Money And Gems)

As many of us have a cooking passion. We love to cook delicious food and serve cooked food for compliments. If you love looking and trying experiments with food items this probably sounds unpractical in households. But Restaurant Story Mod Apk provides you with ways of cooking and experimenting cooking with multiple dishes. It provides you with ways of cooking and designing an amazing restaurant.

You can be the master chef of your own designed amazing restaurants in this free cooking game. For people who love cooking and for them cooking has a place of soul they need to try out this game. Here chefs in different costumes and characters will be cooking for free for top-class restaurants.

Not only that the game is loaded with master chef’s recipes that have fame throughout the globe. Although there will be some simple and easy-to-cook recipes some recipes have their uniqueness as they can be cooked by only work renowned chefs.


Restaurant Story Mod Apk
Restaurant Story Mod Apk

In this amazing gameplay, you as the master chef will design and will decorate restaurants to get customers’ attention just like Manor Cafe. You can cook sweet and spicy dishes based on customer demand. For your cooking pleasure, this allows trying new dishes every week.

No doubt Restaurant Story Mod Apk is available for free. You can enjoy the fever of running your restaurant. Make your customers happy with the best experience of food and the stunning decoration of the restaurants.


Restaurant Story
Restaurant Story

Cook as Chef

As mentioned the main idea of this master gameplay is to let you try the experience of being the chef. You can be the chef of your restaurants where you can try out different menus and recipes to attract more and more customers to your restaurants.

As the chef, you can set up the stovetop for cooking and can even set up the oven for baking. It is up to you which dish you are making and what is your top priority to do.

Top Menus

You can follow up on the top menus by top chefs all around the globe. You can set up the day menu from the list or can make the recipe ready as per the customer demand.

Free Gameplay

Although this Restaurant Story Mod Apk is based on a completely unique idea and users are expected to pay some amount in return for its unlock features. But if we talk about its basic to advanced level features this gameplay is for sure free of cost to play.

There are only a few stages that are locked and a few advanced features that charge users to pay some amount in return for the features used.

Decorate Restaurants

You can decorate your restaurants as per your choice similarly as you do in Cooking Diary and My Cafe, you can select the pre-downloaded them for your restaurant or can set up the idea-based decoration. This means if you want to turn your restaurant into a coffee cafe you can set the tables in that way. If you want dining restaurants you can set up the entire furniture in that way.

Modded Highlights

Although the premium version itself is a bundle of entertainment if we talk about the Modded highlights that a user can find over there is so much to talk about. But for your ease, we have summarized the main highlight of this gameplay down below.

In the Modded version there you will find out all stages unlocked, If you want to jump to any of the stages you can quickly do so by simply tapping over the required one.

The rest of the Modded highlights are mentioned below

  • Unlock Themes
  • Free Gameplay
  • Free of Cost
  • Secure

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Restaurant Story Mod Apk provides a bundle of excitement in a single pack. The top trending and demanding features of this gameplay are adored by most of our users and they have shared their reviews regarding the features and the security of this gameplay.

Most of all this is available in a very compact size that users will less storage phone will no longer find it heavy for the device.

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