Download Slither io Mod Apk (Invisible Skin, God Mode)

Have you ever played Snake games over old cell phones? Slither io Mod Apk follows the same pattern. In this game, a snake-like creature will be hovering over the screen among multiple opponents.

You have to make sure that you are avoiding other creatures. If you get in touch with other slithers by your head your slither will be exploded. Note in our mod version you will get invisible skin and God mode for free.

In order to make your slither survive keep moving freely without getting in touch with the rest of the slithers.

If any of the other slither will touch you by the head they will be exploded and your slither can eat the rest of its parts to grow fast.

This game sounds really interesting with its best graphics and rest of the simple features if you want to learn more about this game we have mentioned some of the main attributes of this game below.

Features Mod Apk Mod Apk

Online Mode

You can play in online mode where you can add the rest of the players around the globe as your opponents. If you are playing in online mode then your opponents will be real.

These opponents will give you quite a tough time thus making the condition worse for you to win. Because in the initial stages, online opponents will not be that professional.

But with the passage of time, these opponents will grow up in their skills and can give you a really tough time.

Against AI

If you are not in the favor of playing with online players you can play against AI. Playing with AI can make you more professional in the game.

Because if you are playing with the AI this can make you more professional to tackle the rest of the players.

If you want to be trained enough to control your Slith you can surely go for the option of playing with the slither.

Slither Detail

Slither io
Slither io

Once after catching up with the online players or even against the AI, You will be notified about the slither length detail and the number of opponents explode so far.

Keeping the record of the slither seems quite impossible as no one can check the exact length of the slither. The length of the slither will depend upon the number of other slither that had exploded with your main character.

The number of slithers you will avoid touching in Slither io Mod Apk will make your slither grow longer and will provide you the best rewards in return.


As mentioned you will be kept updated about the slither length every minute, similarly, your ranking among other players will be shown over the phone’s screen every second.

These two features make out this game updated you do not need to check over your score among other players every single second.


Among your ranking you rank high you will be the leader on the scoreboard. A leader board will keep you updated about your scores and the ranking of other players too.

So keep avoiding your slither to touch the rest of the opponents if you want to be the leader of the leader board.


Rewards at the end will directly depend on the length of the slither and the number of other slithers that have exploded so far.

Similarly, if your slither kept moving to avoid over slithers and you have made him feed over the body parts of the exploded slither you will earn more rewards at the end.

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After reading about the mentioned attributes you for sure have got curious to play out this game. For your ease, we have mentioned the authentic installation link of the Modded version of Slither io Mod Apk.

If you are confused over the resemblance of this game with the old snake game that we used to play over keypad phones back in the early days, then don’t get confused this game for sure provides you tons of the features that are missing in any other snake games.

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