Smashing Cricket Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Money)

Welcome to the realistic and amazing world of 3D cricket. You can play the most realistic 3D cricket game in Smashing Cricket Mod Apk. It is not an ordinary cricket game but is super realistic with amazing graphics and animation.

You can enjoy every second of being in the game. This game has a more real to world interface that makes the illusion of a simulator more than an ordinary android application.

Supported with single mode players to the support of tournaments this game does not bound the users to a single field instead there is diversity among the modules. Umpire decision, slow motion, and replay are some of the rich features that you can hardly find in any other cricket application.

It allows competitive play and can let you lift the cricket world. It let you not only stick to the single balling approach but it does allow quick bouncer style, swing, Yorkers, etc. You can play as long inning as you want to. Just use grounded shots that fantastically let you score 50 and 100 in each gameplay.


Smashing Cricket
Smashing Cricket


You can score the highest as much as you can like Big Bash Cricket. Your scores will be displayed on the leaderboard. In such a case you can challenge yourself by challenging yourself to complete the previously set record. The more you score more challenging it will be before you next time to compete for your scores.

This is helpful for those players that do not want to play in the tournament mode or with other players. So this game provides a way of challenging yourself to play as a single player.

Realistic Physics

One of the most amazing features of this gameplay is the realistic physics. Moment ball will hit the bat and the trajectory of the ball everything has the support of physics that lets the users feel the game more like a simulator.

Games that have physics dynamics support are for sure really interesting to play. Similarly, you can enjoy the Smashing Cricket Mod Apk in terms of physics dynamics support.

Slow Motion

Smashing Cricket Mod Apk
Smashing Cricket Mod Apk

You can be mesmerized by the fact that the gameplay is supported by the slow-motion effect. The slow motion effect will let you watch the entire motion of the ball moment it will hit the bat to the moment of the shot. You can watch the trajectory motion of the ball as soon as it will hit the bat and will be shot back.

Super Replays

If you want to watch the replays of the previous shot ball you can play the replays. These replays are 100 times slower than the actual slow-motion shots. These replays are very interesting to watch. Because you can learn from the previous mistakes that have let you be knocked out of the game.

Umpire Decision

As mentioned this gameplay is super realistic and supported with 3D graphics. One of the most interesting features of this gameplay is the umpire’s decision. Fours, Sixes, and other decisions will be indicated by the umpires as they do in the real cricket gameplay. The same feature you will get in World Cricket Championship 3.


You can take part in multiple tournaments against other countries. More than 30 countries are involved in the tournaments like England, Saud Arabia, South Africa, etc. You can take part and start playing against the top players from those countries.

Playing tournaments against these countries is helpful in the way that you can learn from the top players of the different countries.


The controls are super easy like balling, batting, etc. These controls make the gameplay super interactive. They are super easy to control and can be learned very quickly even by the newbies to the gameplay.

Challenge other

You can share the highest scores to your friends via Facebook or any other social media platform. You can challenge them in either way to compete with you in the highest score you have scored so far.

Progress Backup

You can back up the progress of all of your gameplays. By doing so you can watch any of your own played games at any time. This can be done only in the way if your gameplay is linked to your google or any other account.


After reading about all of the amazing features of Smashing Cricket Mod Apk you can tell how rich features this application is. We highly recommend you install and play this game for users who love playing cricket simulation.

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