Solitaire Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Coins) 2022

Have you ever played a card puzzle game? Solitaire is a game that was quite famous back in our childhood. Solitaire Mod Apk is a game following up the same pattern of card games that have been quite famous back in time.

This game does not give any tough time to the users as this is the game that has been playing for decades. It is one of the most relaxing card games that does not only give you chances of playing cards but it is more like a brain puzzle game.

Moreover, it can be played in offline mode which is the best feature because not every time one has to be worried about the data connection.


Solitaire Mod Apk
Solitaire Mod Apk

Some of the main highlights that you will find over this super easy yet attractive gameplay are mentioned below.

Relaxing Card Game

The main theme line of this game is no doubt playing of cards only. So you as the player will be playing cards with the AI.

Stacking cards and matching them with the previous one are some features of this game that are very interesting

Brain Puzzle Game


As mentioned more than a relaxing game this game is referred to as a brain puzzle game like UNO. Nowadays most people love playing brain puzzles game as it keeps their brain busy and make them practice enhancing their IQ.

SO people who love playing the brain exercise game would love Solitaire mod Apk. This is so fun while playing and having mid exercise at the same time.


Most of all other features this game can be played in offline mode. If you search on the internet you will hardly find any single game based on the idea of a brain puzzle that can be played in offline mode.

This game is available for offline mode only which makes this game worth playing. Not every time do users have to get worried about the data connection.

4 Piles

You can play this game in any mode like 4 piles or stacks mode. In 4 piles mode, you will be arranging the cards in piles having the same one in the piles will be added as your reward.


This game follows the same pattern of graphics that we have been seeing in the card game on the PC. So graphics of this application will be very easy to understand as there will be no such new added features that we will not be used to.

Drag and Drop

You might be worried about the fact how you can add up the cards in stacks and piles. This can be done very efficiently and easily by dragging and dropping the cards.  Just tap over the card you want to move and later leave it on the stack of the other card.

Life Lines

If you mess up the stacks you will have retreated to the start of the game again. But there will be a certain lifeline that will be provided to you every time you mess up with the cards.

Extra Lives

If you want to earn extra lifelines and do not want to every time retreated back to the start of the game once you mess up with the pattern then you surely need to install the Modded version of this game.

In the Modded version with the earning of free rewards, you will also earn free lifelines that will never let you be treated back to the start of the game again.

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Solitaire Mod Apk is no doubt the re version of the famous card game that most of us might have played over the PC. Being simple yet mesmerizing this game provides tons of features.

Features like playing with AI and playing in offline mode make this game worth playing for sure. If you are fond of playing cards you should give an application at try once.

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