State Of Survival Mod Apk 2021 Latest (Unlimited Money & Mod Menu)

State Of Survival Mod Apk (Unlimited Life)

So you are here after a post-apocalypse situation. It has been six months later from the viral outbreak. Since the virus damaged your whole world but few survivors are now come to save humanity. Moreover, it is a game where your survival is direct with a great strategy. State of survival mod apk is a world full of opportunities but a great danger always with you same as rocket royale mod apk.


KingsGroup Holdings has launched the State of survival mod apk. It is the best platform where you will find amazing graphical visuals and interesting game content. In fact, a war of survival has started now. State of survival mod apk is nothing but a combination of rebuilds the place and rescue reaming people. But first, you need to research the whole and socialize with others for good communication.

As a team leader of survivals keep your strength unites for the betterment of society. However, it is a war against offensive zombies. Your teammates have fully equipped with heavy guns, rifles, automatics machines, safety shields, and many more. The civilized management has been demolished and there is no government for the safety of its people. After 6 months of the mutant’s attack, you and some other survivors combine to create new land. Side by side you will work against these storming creatures.


Tactical Gameplay 

You find yourself in a condition where the world has ruled with infected zombies. In addition, after 6 months of this incident, you and some other survivors come together to make a place. Equally important, you will be safe from these mutants and bad people who can loot everything from you. Furthermore, you need to build a team or join other teams. To secure you from deadly zombies, looters, and unpredictable nature collect brave people. Your every strong step in the game will make you more powerful. So, your tactics against all your enemies will give you many rewards. Coupled with this, you can use these rewards to build your team more powerful. Additionally, you will collect food and medical requirements for your group.

Best Team Against Infected Zombies

imod game hack gives you a chance to lead a team or join a team. But in the same fashion, be aware of every survivor. He may be not your companion. Your vigilant act in the game made it more interesting. If you have good socialization properties then you can create a close bonding. It will help you when you give an order to others. You need modern weapons for this war. When you send your team on a raid keep sharp eye on their weapons. On the other hand, give them the best ammo. If they kill those zombies and came back to you as a winner then you will get unlimited life and many rewards.

 Research Zombie Virus and Availability of an Antidote 

It is very important to research this outbreak which changed the world instantly. Rather, it maybe has some agenda-based destruction or a mistake from a lab. You have to check properly from where it spread around the world. It is also important that keep searching antidote for this viral infection. In which normal humans can convert into the brutal creature. Send your team to find and search for this antidote .your strategy will help you to save other humans.

Never Give Up 

The survival situation may be worse but never give up. Truly, you can change the situation just make faith in yourself. With attention to, there will be a looting battle in between many survivors. So, you are the one who can eliminate all this shit definitely. Your main purpose is to save every remaining survival. And create a building where all you can live till the outbreak will finish. All game belongs to your strategy. Do your best to beat your enemies and make a safe world for others.

Realistic Graphics

By all means graphics has realistic visuals. Player will see how beautifully developers made the game. Every battle with zombies has created super affects that rarely seen in any other game.

How to Download + Install Hacking Games Download

There is a simple way to download this game app. You keep observing these steps equally.

  • First, you have to uninstall the original game if you download it before. Press the download button to download the State of survival mod apk.
  • Downloading will be complete in fewer moments.
  • Then go to mobile settings and on a third-party source file for installation.
  • After installation has been done. You can enjoy playing the game on your mobile.


From where can I download the updated version of survival unlimited?

You can download the new version of this game from our site.

Do you charge any credit for the survival mode save mod game?

No, we do not charge any credit for the game. It is completely free for our readers.

What will I get from unlimited survival activations apk mod?

You will get unlimited resources like weapons, food, life, medicine, and money.


The game is based on strategy and action. It is an insane situation for you after half of the year. When the zombie virus burst over the world and civilized world has destroyed by deadly hordes of zombies. Now you are at Badlands and there you will make and lead a team. In this case, you need to fight with these mutants and with looters. You need to prepare accurately yourself and your team to fight in any situation. Your task is to build safe houses, manage the food supply continuously. In short, you as a responsible person play the role of leader to build a new world with all available supplies. This act will keep the world safe and secure from cruel and insane zombies.

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