Street Chaser Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins, Keys and Money) 2022

What will you do if your colleague were robbed by someone? Of course, you will help your companion. Street chaser mod apk is a medium where you can chase the robber to rescue your partner. However, it is a multiplayer game. Now you can join it with your friends same as Mini world mod apk.


Street Chaser
Street Chaser

Camel Games Inc. has published the game. When your partner is in trouble, you are the one who will help him/her. The game is moving around chasing a gang. In the street chaser mod apk, your partner was robbed and the robber runs far away. Chase the robber as well as be safe from all hurdles coming towards you.

Do not go slow just run fast as you can. Furthermore, you can hit these robbers by throwing bottles and other objects. Hit them by kicking balls and try to catch them by all means. Moreover, many hurdles and obstacles will come in your way but you need to save yourself by jumping or sliding.

Besides, your aim should be to recover handbags by catching all the bad men. In addition, the street chaser apk gives you unlimited tasks and missions to play when you are not in the mood to chase the robbers. These missions contain different types of games and special objectives.

Features of Street Chaser Game Online

Street Chaser Mod Apk
Street Chaser Mod Apk

Mod Features

Street chaser mod unlimited coins continuously refresh buildings and new streets. Unlock mod comes with unlimited coins and keys. These items can help the player to buy anything during the game and get instant boosting. A gang of 10 thieves can create problems for the player but by playing smartly you can get victory surely. Play smoothly because there are no ads in it.

Swiftly control all mods and compete with other players. You will decide about many heroes from the game for play. 3D graphics can change all games as a player will never feel down during play.

Multiple Missions with Exciting Tasks

Street chase mod has come with multiple missions. Running on a single-lane road without falling will interesting. During chasing robbers many cave tunnels create a problem for you. These missions bring more adventure to the gameplay. Save yourself through sliding and jumping from many hurdles.

Some multiplayer games, for example, kick, throw, jump/slide, chase, word, and collection are very interesting. During chasing these robbers you can throw many bottles and may hit with balls at them. From this activity, they will become slow and you can get them easily.

Team Combination

At least 8 players at one time can play with you. This is an adventurous multi-player game. There is a chance to meet various people in one virtual place. Combining work with a team can make all situations too easy. First, choose your favorite avatar for the game. Play nicely with a variety of items.

It will give you more power. If you are feeling boor then stop running and play other missions. Team sports sorts are present in-game. You and your fellows can play these sports games when you don’t want to run back to the thief.

Map of Streets

There is no need to run throughout the game to chase the gang. For changing your mood game bring some amazing tasks. To complete these tasks you need maps of every street so it would be easy for the player to go around without any obstacles. These maps also help you to find the thief and will never lose your path to go right or left in the wrong directions. Maps are really helpful for the player to keep the game going on.

3D Graphics

Namely game contains 3D graphics, this game is not only show very realistic but also very attractive. The player can play with high images and the sound of the game is also clear. you can listen or give any instruction to your team. Cool graphics catch more attention in-game.

Your avatar looks awesome with fine 3D game graphics. Publishers work constantly on game graphics to bring specifically good play.

Unlimited Gifts

Frequently many unexpected gifts are given in the game. During the recovery of the handbag, you can play many games to boot your energy. Correct placement of power and health with some adventure can change the game. Rather, you can throw different new items like the hammer, bowling pin, plunger, vase, and many more on the gang.

Game Stability and Quality

Street Chaser
Street Chaser

Markedly developers are providing the best game stability without losing quality. No lagging was found during the game. Best game to play with friends and global family. Spending a long time on the street chaser apk mod with unlimited money can addict you to this game.

Bug-Free Mod

The game becomes more interesting day by day. Hence, Some bugs are removed from the game and major developments occur in the game by publishers.

Daily Challenge

You will be allotted the daily challenges. These challenges will follow the main storyline with a slight difference in the scenario like the allotted span along with the obstacles laying on the way to triple over.

Avoid Obstacles

Make sure to avoid obstacles in the way so that you will not triple over them. With each tripling, you will find decreasing progress bar of your health and life that may easily lead you towards failure at the end of the game.

Throw Obstacles

Use the obstacles on the way to throw them over the robber in the exact direction they are running in. Because the more you will hit them with the obstacles the more chances of winning the game will be.

If you ever found a football on the way kick it in the direction of the robber. If you find any bottle or any other stuff right before tripping over you can hold it and throw it in the direction of the robber.


You can select the hero of your choice. Each hero will be different from others on the basis of appearance, attire, and even running speed.

Chase Thief

Chasing Theif is more fun in this game. Be careful while chasing them. Avoid obstacles and other things. You can catch them by throwing bottles and throwing balls hitting them. Doing this is pure fun.


One of the best things about Street Chaser is its controls. Controls are very simple and you can easily navigate through your screen. Even if you are playing this for the very first time. you will find no difficulty with controls.

Online Players

Street Chaser
Street Chaser

You can join the gang of online players that will assist you in catching and chasing the robbers. It will be more interesting to join the heroes online so that you can enjoy this game in a more efficient manner.

You can make your name be displayed over the leaderboard by showing the best performance in online mode. Online mode will let you enjoy Street Chaser Mod Apk in a more efficient manner.


No matter it’s the premium or the Modded version each of them is secure enough to be installed and played on any smartphone. None of the users of any version has registered any complaint regarding the security of this application.

How to Download and Install Street Chaser Game Online

After some easy steps, you can play this game.
First click on the download button mentioned below on our website
Permit to install apk file on your android device.
Open the file manager and follow the instructions mentioned inside.
This app is installed. Now you can play and enjoy the game.

How To Play Street Chaser- Watch Video

New to this game? here is the video tutorial for you to watch this video and learn the game and start playing this game like a pro-level gamer.


Is the street chaser mod apk have any ads?

No, unlock street chaser mod is free from ads.

Can we play this app on PC?

Yes, you can play it on PC without any problem.

What will we get after downloading street chaser mod apk unlimited keys?

You can get unlimited coins, which can boost your power during the game.


It is an adventurous thief-chasing game. You can catch them without losing your life. Hit different items like bottles and balls to stop them. it is a multiplayer game played online. It comes with excellent graphics. Multiple missions and tasks are waiting for you. After all, a good performance brings health, life, unlimited money, and energy in-game.
All in all, it is a fabulous game for your adventure mood.

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