Super Mechs Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Tokens) 2022

Super Mechs Mod Apk

Do you want to fight like a true hero and save the Earth from dangerous enemies? Then we are welcoming you to a new game named Super Mechs Mod Apk same as Mario kart. You will fight against the aliens in this game; yes, you hear it right. In Super Mechs Mod Apk, your battle is against the aliens, and you have to defeat them to protect your homeland.


The tremendous battle game will lead you in the world of fighting, where you compete with aliens to protect the Earth. The latest version, 7.611, will fill up your arms with unlimited unlocked weapons and many things to discover and get surprised.


Super Mechs Mod Apk
Super Mechs Mod Apk

The PVP battle against your enemies will take you to an adventurous field where you build a robot and make them a powerful machine to fight against the rival party. Furthermore, in Super Mechs, you will have your name written on the leaderboard after defeating the opposite parties. Don’t ever try to think that your rival party is not strong enough; they also have many advanced weapons to fight. Therefore, you need to be strong enough as well.

In addition to this, the most beautiful thing about this game is that the player has to fight with aliens who attack the Earth and threaten them. Interestingly, the robots will play an important role in the battle; you will command them and fight back against the enemies.

As you cross the level and reach the next one, the enemies’ power will increase as well, but you can fight with them by upgrading yourself. Moreover, you will face many challenges as you move toward your target; every challenge contains more thrilling powers to defeat you. Still, it would help if you had powers and used your powerful robots to kill the aliens.

On the other, when you cross the addictive ground, you will get the chance to play together with your friends and family online. Furthermore, in the MOD version of Super Mechs, you will have all the items unlocked, such as free equipment, unlock weapons, customized robots, etc. however;, there are great chances to win rewards if you complete the level efficiently using your skills and powers. The more you win the rewards, the more there will be chances to upgrade the robot.


Super Mechs Mod Apk is all about a battle between the robots and the aliens. Aliens are considered as a rival party, and robots are your team player. The all scenario takes place in a sci-fi world. When all the people on the Earth are hoping that they will not live any longer, then a hero appears among them who will lead the robots and make them a powerful army to fight against the aliens who attacked the Earth.

Main Features of Super Mechs Mod Apk

Strategy Based Battle

In Super Mechs Mod Apk, you will get a start by using tactical elements to overcome your enemies. Importantly, you have to keep in mind three basic things: heat, Energy, and HP. You have to take care of your robots not getting heat up because if your robot gets heat up; it will lose the machinery fix inside it due to excess amount of attacks if your robot gets heat up. Further, keep an eye on the energy level, don’t let it fall, and be attentive related to the HP of the enemies, don’t let it run out before the enemies HP.

Let your Robots Get Cool Down

During the battle, make sure to use the effective movement and attacks of your robot. If you let it happen, your robot will fight more efficiently and perform much better during the battle.

PVP Matches

There will be online matches between players worldwide so that you can save the Earth from getting vanish.

Customize the Robots

A player will engage in Super Mechs Mod Apk because you can customize the robots and boost their skills by giving them different weapons and gears. Change the robot according to you and improve your skill powers.

Earn Special Rewards

Interestingly, this game will allow you to access many special rewards once you complete the level challenge. The main aim is to get the surprising reward that can accomplish after completing the challenging missions.

Visual and Sound Effects

With the 2D graphic effects, Super Mech will grab your attention and make you feel like a real-life battle. This 2D effect can be seen very clearly through android devices as well. As far as visual effects are concerned, the musical tracks will also positively impact the player. Therefore, a player cannot get away from the game once he starts to play it.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money/Unlimited Tokens

Like other games, Super Mech Mod Apk will also provide unlimited money for the players. The player can use that money or freely available tokens to purchase and unlock many elements like weapons, mechanical gear and engage yourself in the next levels.

All Features are Unlocked

Unlike the premium and purchased version, you can have all the features unlocked, which means you will get more features to unlock as you play efficiently.

No Ads

Super Mech is free from all types of ads so, you don’t have to waste time watching ads while playing this interesting game.

Unlimited Coins

On the other hand, the coins are also available infinitely, and you can use them to upgrade and customize the robot. These coins are also cost-free for the MOD Apk users.

How to Know the Steps to Install this Incredible Game?

  • If you want to get download Super Mechs Mod Apk then, click on the link.
  • Install this amazing app in your android and IOS without any restrictions.
  • Just follow the next step, and you are done.
  • Now enjoy the freely provided unlimited resources in the Super Mech Mod Apk.


Is there any difference between Super Mechs Mod Apk and other fighting games?

Yes, of course, there is a huge difference. In Super Mechs, your opponents are the aliens who are not part of this Earth.

Is this game is more dangerous than others?

Yes, a little bit. This game is about to have a battle between aliens and robots on Earth. So the aliens are stronger and more dangerous army as compared to robots.

Can we play this game offline?

Yes, you can, but if you want to join others and play with your friends to defeat bitterly, you have to connect with the internet.

Final Thought

Super Mechs Mod Apk is an epic game for those who love to fight on a great level of interest. There is no restriction of location and time. You will not regret yourself after getting indulges in this awesome game. Furthermore, you can play this game daily and get up to date about the version frequently. In last, feel free to ask anything if you have any doubt.

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