Vega Conflict Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) 2022

If you are looking for a galaxy war game then you need to install and play Vega Conflict Mod Apk. A game that is all about space war where you can claim strake, command your fleet, and can indulge in wage epic war.

The main story revolves around getting freedom from a federation named Vega. This federation has been ruling over the galaxy for decades. You as the commandant and the hero have to make your galaxy free from this federation.

This exciting game consists of many modules which are unique so making the illusion of playing a new game every time you get into this game.

Live animation and the epic graphics make this game worth playing as it has the best reviews so far from most of the users.


Vega Conflict Mod Apk
Vega Conflict Mod Apk

Vega federation

The main story revolves around a rebel story where the Vega Federation had deceived other galaxy inhabitants and they have taken charge of the entire galaxy.

Eventually, they have become so strong that it even seems impossible to take revenge on them and to put them down.

With time, you will learn more about the Vega Federation, and playing with online players will lead you to learn more tactics.

Rule Galaxy

As the main theme of the game will be to get freedom from the Vega federation. So your first aim will be to rule over the vast galaxy.

This galaxy will be consisting up of different planets, sub galaxies, and milky waves and will have every single detail of a real galaxy. Thus making this game hyper-realistic as far as the detailing of the galaxy is concerned.

Command Fleet

You can command your fleet with the best strategies. These strategies may include the tactics and the tricks that you have learned throughout the time you have spent in the game. Giving commands to your fleet at right time about the situation can lead you to win the game more efficiently.

You as the commandant will have to learn about the tactics of this game, all the shortcuts, and the strategies that can be helpful in the succeeding stages.

Wage Epic War

You along with your fleet will wage epic war mode against the robust federation. This war will be a matter of death and life for you and your fleet. If you get succeeded in taking revenge on the powerful federation, the galaxy will be yours.

If you won’t get succeeded in doing so you may result in losing your strength and your control over the galaxy. It may even destroy your galaxy emperor.


You can add multiple real players around the world to your alliance. Increasing your alliance means you are getting stronger against the enemies. These online players will be helpful in the scenarios where you will feel weaker and will need honest suggestions about the attack.

These pro players have spent a lot of time in Vega Conflict Mod Apk and they have learned all the basic skills and the tactics that can help get the power of the galaxy back.


Also, you can take part in daily, weekly, and monthly events along with your alliance. These daily events will let you learn more rewards eventually at the end of the game.


You can chat realistically with your friends that you have added around the globe. Chatting with them will lead you to take their real response and tell them about your next move.

By doing so you can sync your move and attack with the rest of the fleet. This will put a great impact on winning the game.


Vega Conflict
Vega Conflict

You can do the customization of your space crafts. You can easily get the weapon and can even upgrade it into any powerful weapon with the spare parts that you can get from the library of the game.


After going through all of the mentioned attributes above you might have no ambiguity regarding the features of the Vega Conflict Mod Apk. You will enjoy tons of features in a compact game, also it will never make your device lag as it has the best developing and working algorithm.

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