Weed Firm Mod Apk Hack (Unlimited Money)

If you require a game that allows you to sit back, relax and cultivate enormous weeds then Weed firm Mod Apk is surely the answer. It allows you to sit on the couch at your home and start the cultivation of weed.

No doubt in the real world weed farming is considered one of the best cultivation and people all around the globe are considering it the first option of cultivation. But most of us do not have enough time and space to make this dream come true.

So people like us need to try out these applications. This application includes all those details that one expects from real weed farming. From harvesting to cultivation every inch of the crop will be covered. Even after the harvesting, it will allow you to trade over the cultivated crop. Moreover, you can run a tractor as well.

This legendary sequel provides lots of adventure. This is more like a farming simulator as this game not only gives you the opportunity to kill your boredom in a better way. You will surely enjoy every second spent in the gameplay.


Weed Firm Mod Apk
Weed Firm Mod Apk

As by the mentioned attributes you can surely understand this gameplay is the answer to all those who have been looking for the best virtual weed farming simulator. It allows you to cultivate and build your farming empire just like Farm Land.

With a variety of weed crops, it will never let you stick to a single field of the crop instead it makes pace for the cultivation as there is a bundle of weed crops that can be cultivated and harvested as per the suitable season and the demand of the retailers.


Weed Firm
Weed Firm


It allows you to cultivate your weed farm with diversity in crops like different strains of marijuana. This is not the end it allows you to cultivate white widow and purple Haze. Along with that powerful alien weed can also be cultivated.


Weed Firm Mod Apk does not concise you cultivate and harvest the crops only but it also gives you a range of wide marketing with well-known underground gangsters. As this game is supported with a live story mod you can trade with the rest of the gangsters.

These gangsters will be Rasta Bob, Mandy, Sandy, and much more. These thrilling gangsters will let you expand the marketing of your weeds.

Other Crops

As weed is a grass business so you for sure will be left with quite a vast field to grow other crops too. You can expand your business by growing magic mushrooms and other grass crops. This gives you variety in the expansion of your own business and to complete the task more efficiently.

Upgrade Shop

Once after shifting the weed from the soil into the pots you will display them in the shop which will attract the attention of the customers. So you have to keenly give attention to the appearance of the shop as well.

More you will renovate the shop more customers will get attracted, you can install different wall ceilings and the color scheme can be customized as per the need.

Space Bar

Once your business grows up, you can switch to space cultivation. You can buy a lot of spaceships for you that can lead you the cultivation even in the space.

This spaceship will be supported by all those items and the gadgets that are the essentials for the cultivation of weed crops.

Secret Formulas

You can try and test out the secret formulas on weed crop left over to turn it into edible stuff. These edible items can be exchanged in return for in-app purchases and even can be used for the sake purpose.


As far as the verdict is considered this is much more difficult for us to summarize all of the main features of Weed Firm Mod Apk in a single article. Still, we have tried to mention all those features that can tell you sure about the rich-featured and well-developed this application is.

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